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RE: Trevon James Brown is promoting a new scam called CryptoTab... here's what you should know.

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Thanks for the feature of my article, much appreciated. Geez Trevon doesn't quit hey you have to give him that i saw him shilling P3WD (proof fo weak hands) a while back and now his got his own one POTJ (Proof of trevon james) which are smart contract scams that both went belly up real fast.

What they doing now is connecting with smaller youtubers giving them some cash to shill products on their behalf and suckering in small amounts of people at time. They being very strategic about it now but the trail is still there and ive seen a couple of YouTubers already documenting the trail for future expose videos I can see coming.

I noticed his just using his bitconnect money to power up steem and use bots to exploit it his wife/baby mama also has an account on steemit too. Wonder if its legit or is he using that one for himself too