How to exchange cryptos on Coinomi

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Changelly’s API is integrated into Coinomi, one of the oldest and reputable cryptocurrency wallet on the market. It means that you can swap between different pairs of alts and tokens with Changelly directly into Coinomi’s app. This detailed guide will show you how to exchange coins on Coinomi with Changelly and make your experience way better.

  1. Open your Coinomi wallet application and select Changelly.

  2. Select coins you want to exchange. Specify the amount of a coin you wish to be converted. Near you will see an estimated amount you are about to receive.

  3. This screen shows how much you are about to send and receive. You can also change a transaction fee. Use this option to decrease processing time when the blockchain becomes overloaded. Check all this information once again, enter your password and confirm your transaction.

  4. You can see the status of the transaction in your exchange history.

  5. Once the transaction is complete, tap it to see the details.

  6. Check your balance to see whether your exchanged coins are received.

Pretty easy, isn’t that?

If you have any questions, please seek assistance at

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What's happened with STEEM and SBD?

Hi! I need help from you guys. 9 days ago, I transferred 29.356 STEEM to changelly. The transaction clearly shows in our wallets but it failed to transfer to the recipient ( account. I never received a turnaround time for the refund. I suppose you can do something about it or at least give me a T.A.T. Thanks!

Guys, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused! Unfortunately, the Steemit wallet doesn't work properly on Changelly, so both STEEM and SBD are currently under maintenance. We pledge to proceed all the hanging transactions, once the cryptos are stable.
We hope for your understanding


Could you please provide some more details about your issues? (of course using some private channel, I just sent you an e-mail). I would gladly help with any issues you are experiencing.


Saw it! Thank you very much. We appreciate your help.