EOS Direct ICO Buyers Get Majorly Shafted 8/2/2017

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Today was a brutal day for EOS direct buyers vs buying from an exchange. Buyers who partook today over paid by about .22 USD per EOS. Now this is not really a big deal if you're buying a small amount what's $.22 anyway, well look below to see how the shafting broke down for the larger players.

If you added these values to the ICO you lost this difference vs buying from an exchange like Bitfinix which is what I'm comparing the ICO to about the same time the ICO ended. Figures are approximate by a small amount to keep the numbers short and easy.

On Bitfinix The EOS cost was $1.77 USD or .0078461 ETH when the ICO ended

1 ETH you instantly lost 14 EOS or $24 USD Yeah What Ever
50 ETH you instantly lost 700 EOS or $1,239 USD Bad Day
100 ETH you instantly lost 1,400 EOS or $2,478 USD Really Bad Day!
200 ETH you instantly lost 2,800 EOS or $4,956 USD FML
500 ETH you instantly lost 7,000 EOS or $12,390 USD YIKES! Some people don't even make this amount in a whole year!

1,000 ETH you instantly lost 14,000 EOS or $24,780 No comment just sad

Last minute EOS direct buyers added a massive amount of ETH within the last 2 - 5 minutes. I'm just thinking to myself if you're adding 100 to 1,000 ETH right at the end you're doing yourself a huge dis service by making other people believe they're about to get a discount and they in turn get major FOMO adding in even more ETH. 08.02.2017eos.PNG

Well hopefully these people are holding and not trying their luck again in the next ICO because looking at the short history you would have been way better off adding a order on an exchange near the end of the daily ICO.

As always Good Luck and check the price for yourself at http://eosscan.io/

Follow me as I follow The EOS ICO with daily updates after the ICO ends for the day. Thank You

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That is good now there is going to be more pressure on the price to go up :)

Hopefully they aren't just buying and selling for ETH searching for a discount.

Im speculating eos will go lower and lower at some point lower than initial ico price. Whether they recover by the end.of ico depends on much support they get from big computing players

I don't know man I'm thinking we may break $2 and rise above it once they start showing off the test network and they get more coverage.

2 million eos ico buyer are less and less of pricing factor vs 260 million eos market

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