EOS Direct Buyers Purchased Above Market Value 8/4/2017 As FOMO Kicked In

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EOS direct buyers purchased above market value today 8/4/2017 by about $.05 USD which was expected after having the best ETH to EOS ratio yesterday. This was expected and I also warned that this may happen on my previous post. For the most part it's been a losing situation for anyone who partakes into the daily ICO unless you plan to HODL.

I've been following a few whales who partake in the daily ICO daily and they've had some pretty good days especially one where they made about $70,000 in profit on 8/3/2017!! This same whale managed to lose about $40,000 USD on a previous day! If I ever made $70,000 in one day I would only trade with that profit but hey I guess people underestimate other people's greed and FOMO.

As always Good Luck and check the price for yourself at http://eosscan.io/

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