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One of my favorite projects in the Digital Asset world is the Safe Exchange Marketplace. There are some big developments recently announced by the Project Team and the value of the SAFEX coin is becoming more and more obvious to the investing community.

The SAFEX coin will give owners access to dividends from the decentralized marketplace as well as voting rights in the development and evolution of the marketplace. Staking fees of 200 SAFEX can be used to create ones own Brand (i.e. Store) in the marketplace which would function as an efficient and secure form of online commerce. In what is being designed as a world wide autonomous and decentralized marketplace using a secure and anonymous CryptoNight based blockchain and currency, the SAFEX coin will have a huge value to anyone interested in E-Commerce. Or anyone interested in maintaining their privacy, for that matter. This isn't just an investment coin, it will also provide valuable utility in the commercial ecosystem being created.

The price has risen sharply since the coins were classified as a 'Security' on Bittrex several weeks ago and will likely continue to do so as the beta phase of the marketplace wraps up and the product goes live later this year. An important reason to hold the SAFEX token prior to marketplace launch is to be eligible for the initial seed funding air drop of 5,000,000 SAFEX CASH, which will be distributed to holders of SAFEX who migrate their coins to the marketplace blockchain.

The main currency to be used in this decentralized marketplace has been dubbed 'SAFEX CASH' and will have a 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) total supply over a 20 year emission. Unlike many of the other early anonymous currencies, SafeX Cash will be designed to peak the coin emission to miners in year 7 of the blockchain. This is a good strategy to ensure an even distribution of currency over time rather than front load the emission curve and heavily reward the initial adopters. Another big point to be aware of, this version of digital currency will only be divisible up to (4) decimal places. This is a big deal when determining it's value as the marketplace users grow over time.

I'm very confident that a marketplace which protects the users spending habits and privacy, which offers secure and centrally curated as well as private and anonymous means of exchange will be in heavy demand as we move into the future. This coin will earn investment income in the form of marketplace dividends, it will also serve a valuable utility in access and participation in the future of the digital economy. This is exactly the sort of project I like to invest in as we enter the final wave of the Digital Revolution.

The only downside to this coin? In my own opinion, the only downside is the SafeX coin currently resides on the original bitcoin blockchain which is very slow and expensive to use. It is also only available on one fairly small exchange named Trade Satoshi at the moment. I've never used this exchange so enter at your own risk.

Oh, and something else related to this project that is worth mentioning. The SafeExchange project's chief architect, Dan Dabek also happens to be a Diplomat of the sovereign State of Liberland in Central Europe. Which leads me to believe the SafeExchange Marketplace will have official state adoption right out of the gate. This is a huge boon to its growth and mass acceptance.


Safex is the Future

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