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RE: Bitconnect Class Action Lawsuit - FULL SUMMONS with NAMES PART 1 - January 28th 2018

this guy is saying this is "exclusive" yet he doesnt even know who these people are. this case will go no where and Vincent you should be ashamed for spreading false information. florida has no jurisdiction over bitconnect. and furthermore these vloggers have no liability for any of the losses people are claiming.


I should be ashamed?? You don't even know the law lol

EDIT: Ryan hildreth is a separate youtuber. Glenn Arcaro is the U.S director and promotor who has been "missing" since this happened. Craig Grant is apart of that "et al"

Don't try to flip this around on me! You are spreading misinformation. I know enough of the law to know that you can't decide the outcome of a case simply because you post a video on youtube. Get a life and find real topics to post on instead of SIPHONING from the community!


The vloggers most likely do have some liability for losses of the victims. If the U.S. Federal government decides to step in and investigate, then it's lights out for these defendants. I doubt that the attorneys for the plaintiffs would even bother to file a lawsuit if there wasn't a good cause of action in the first place. However, we can't know if there is a solid case without doing proper legal research and determining whether there is any precedent in similar cases filed in Florida. I suspect that there is. But again, I haven't done any recent legal research on related issues. It would be interesting to know if the defendants even have any assets and money in their names to even attach in the lawsuit. After all, a judgement is useless if there aren't any assets and money in their names. The attorneys will end up getting more of a pay day than the victims do.

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