"The Correction" - 95 of Top 100 cryptocurrencies are DOWN and not just a little.

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Some were saying "Bubble, bubble, bubble!" Were they right? Only time will tell but things aren't looking good right now. As of writing this post the TOP 40 cryptocurrencies are down a significant amount and 95/100 are down as well with those in the green very minimal. It is a bleak day in the crypto world, will it get any better?

Often times there are a bunch of crypto that if Bitcoin heads south they follow suit but it's not usually this wide spread. People may just be taking profit or they could be panic selling as the market seems to be crashing. Different from the stock market cryptos seem to always have there faithful and let's hope this dip is just another buying opportunity!

Just take a look at this awful looking screenshots or don't and move on...



I'm hoping by the time I get off this train the crypto world corrects itself in the other direction

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For steem, just stay for the long term

I would normally say great post but this is horrifying lol. Thanks for sharing & steem on :)

Hold them all! :)


Question is when to buy and if to sell on the way down.

I bought myself some more cryptos. It is not yet a time to crash. There are way too many grandpas who haven't bought Bitcoin yet lol


Who buy it and then die / forget their key , would definitely help the price. Also lead to more bitcoin scams - "I need your private key to buy this pizza" 🤔

Sweet, time to start nibbling with some buy orders :-)

It's the time to buy a ticket to the future lol

I am holding and buying. This is the time for a buy in

I'm honestly ready for this bubble to be over. Except for STEEM! The sooner it is over the sooner I can plan my attack to build a new position.