How To Install & Stake Income With A Bitbean (BITB) Coin Cryptocurrency Wallet For Fun & Profit

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Bitbean coin has been very profitable for those who have held it and staked it in their wallet. This is a simple "How To" video I made for setting up and starting to stake Bitbean coins.

I held and staked Bitbean coin a couple of years ago but panicked and dumped it when Cryptsy, the primary trading exchange for the coin started to have withdraw issues across the board signalling a belly up position was coming and driving down the price of my staking coins.

After re-visiting the performance of a few altcoins that I used to stake and dumped I couldn't help but notice bitbean has performed well in recent months based on staking payouts and price performance history. I'm waiting for that next dip and am adding back to my cryptocurrency portfolio.

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It's a buy, hold and stake in my humble opinion but please do your own research prior to investing.

I don't have a crystal ball but if you followed my last few posts on investing in Condensate RAIN coin back over the last few months you would be very very very much having fun & profit.

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Is any online POS wallet to stake bitbean? Since I always on the go I don't feel it safe if I leave it in my desktop.

No official Bitbean source online wallet that I'm aware of.
I have seen it on a 3rd party online wallets in the past but personally I don't trust those at all.
Perhaps you have an old laptop laying around you could use?
The plus side about using a laptop is when you have a brief power outage laptops don't miss a beat or need a power backup supply.

Will def try this out thanks man !

My pleasure, thanks for posting.
I have a couple of other old staking coins that I got out of that are alive and well I'll be reinvesting in and will post when ready.

just downloaded the wallet

Excellent, let's earn some beans.

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