Litecoin Hard Fork Leading to Litecoin Cash: Legit or Scam?

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago


I've been reading a lot about the legitimacy of the Litecoin Hard-Fork which is supposed to occur on Monday, February 19th. There are several articles explaining the fork in detail which is supposed to create a new coin, Litecoin Cash. Holders of Litecoin at the time of the fork will be issued 10 Litecoin Cash for every Litecoin they own (10:1). There is a dedicated site to the fork at

On the flip side is Charlie Lee's (creator of Litecoin) twitter account indicating that any fork of Litecoin is a scam. See his feed here:

So what is really going on? Anyone have concrete answers?

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I don't see this litecoin cash thing going anywhere. There isn't even any contentious reason behind the creation of litecoin cash, unlike the squabble between bitcoiners during the bitcoin to bitcoin cash fork. Seems to me to be just another cash grab, inflationary fork.... like the ones for some of those random bitcoin derivatives.


Sure looking like another money grab... There will be a point where all of this gets saturated, and then what?

I hate these forks that confuse new users. LTC is already cheap and fast.


I hear you. They are saying it's going to make it even faster...but who knows.

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I think such development should be on hold for the period of this bloodbath when many investors and cryto-traders are throwing their once a time cherished hope on crytocurrency over board...there is time for everything and this time in cryto world is not good for any hard fork,,,,lets pull altcoins out of the present sound to me like a scam


I agree that this is the wrong time... Let's see if we can mount a recovery first.

You just don't know, do you?


The way I see it is anybody can for any coin and change it completely. I personally don't think that these new coins are a scam I just think a lot of them will be useless. But if you think that it's a scam then just sell them if you get any that's what I would do.

They are trying to copy Neo, You get gas by owning Neo so it seems they are trying to compete and drive the price of the coin up,just my thoughts! Followed and upvoted.

Aku benci garpu ini yang mebingung kan pengguna baru.ltc udah mutah dan cepat

different algo, different team. even if it is not a scam, i dont think they are gonna go far.
still claiming my free coins though :D