Nasdaq to open doors for financial investors in crypto

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago

Well according to the news and rumours spreading that Nasdaq is said to be beta testing new cryptocurrency analysis tools for the investors on their platform to trade still very early to speculate everything.

But with that step this is simply a way to get investors on board for cryptocurrency which will be huge in upcoming time that is for sure.

The crypto product from Nasdaq will be thing to look forward to if the comes out in reality but it is gonna be happening for sure because the investors will look only for new ways to invest the traditional methods are now boring and everyone move towards something new its just a matter of speculation as the regulations has not been made as its a free hand and in the hand of manipulators only.

While Gold man Sachs news also turned out to be a fake one and they are too simply looking forward to develop something for investors in crypto world and open the doors for institutional investors in near future.

How excited you are if this happens to be true and a working product comes out for the big players ??

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It's inevitable given the move by NYSE and bakkt ; plus pressure from clients. I believe we'll have a different scene next year as most of this (ETF, institutional adoption, regs) will be behind us.