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Just saw this one tonight -
so I thought I would share it with the Money Team!

Ada had a huge run, but is running out of steam to form a very weak double top pattern - almost confirming a huge decline in the upcoming coming days.

I know this has been a hot coin for some people, but when that white goes below - it's gotta go!


Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 12.27.59 PM.png

Chances are BTC will continue to decline pulling more short term money onto the sidelines and many cryptos will face declines as a result. Good time to quick sell this one looking to buy it back between 4500-3500. Once the market pulls it back up:

CONGRATULATIONS - You just got paid!

Once the market pulls ADA back up then you should have locked in 20-25% profit just by buying it low.

Hope this helps! I'm excited to be posting a new platform and look forward to making lots of money with everyone!!



Very useful news

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community. I have seen many of your videos, and I can genuinely see that you want all of us to make money along side of you. Keep up the good work!

thank you for the kind words - and thank you for being in the community as well!

Thanks for sharing brandon. Best regards!.

Resteemed, bud. Thanks for the info!

Thanks AG! I do appreciate it!

Thanks @bcryptotrader, for usefull information 😊

I bought ada at 48 cents. Does this mean i need to sell how am I supposed to take this. Im new to your channel But I don't know how to read that graph. I tries using fibonacci once or well I wanted to start using it but then I couldn't find it on tradingview for some reason. So now I still dunno how it works.

Thanks dear discuss the cyptocurrancy matter.

Not exactly what I want to hear about btc . Cant always hear what we want to hear though right?
Made this up yesterday inspired by your verge chart, I was thinking today that the crossovers are turning points like peaks and troughs. Awesome videos by the way.

what goes up - must go down - so that it can keep going up :)

then i would need to have ada in the first place to short it, its not on poloniex so theres no leverage trades either, any buys?

no just wait for it to drop then buy it low.

thank you Brandon !!
i'm a follower of yours from Algeria
keep up the good work 👍👍👍

nice one Brandon. i will get me some Cardano..

its an amazing coin for anyone - i just don't like to pay full price

thank you as always BK, do you remember who you first heard about ADA from? ( I think it was me lol)

Thank you sir for this useful information .

Nice to see you here Boss ;) have fun!

thanks a lot !! will look into it boss

Ty for posting this just got into crypto this information helped me out alot . Keep bring us great work.

Thanks BK for work you doing for the community.

thank you clement!