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November 14, 2017: Autonio’s NIO coin had a dream first week on its debut at EtherDelta Exchange, racing to the top spot as the fastest growing cryptocurrency with a whooping 2,139.05% increase in its value over the week. It beat the next best by a wide margin of over 1,600%.

During the week NIO’s 24-hour trading volume hit $430,000 and per token price reaching all time high of $0.138699 / NIO, pushing the market cap to $9.196 Million.

“The reason for such high investor confidence is because we first built a minimum viable product before launching the coin, and the product had worked wonders in the hands of amateur crypto enthusiasts,” said Ali Raheman, team lead at Autonio.

"Moreover, we gamified the testing of our algorithmic trading robot to demonstrate that any novice with zero trading knowledge can make easy profits with Autonio trading robot.”

It should be noted that a crypto trading championship using Autonio alpha-5 version just concluded last week producing 5 champions who returned insane trading profits ranging from 1,062 to 4,235% APR. The popularity of their alpha-5 gamification has inspired Autonio to plan another gamified launch of their beta-5 version later this month in the form of a live trading challenge.

NIO will soon be listed in more exchanges giving a further boost to its trading volume. “We are grateful to our investors who placed so much trust in us, and we will leave no stone unturned to exceed their expectations,” said Ali.

PS: This post presents the statistics for first full week of trading between November 6 when NIO started trading and November 14, and updates earlier Steemit blog post.

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