XCP Buy Now & Thank me Later!

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago


Hi again Steemitons,

Another great opportunity to buy an Alt that´s in the toilet and will bounce back once all this Bitcoin shenanigans has blown over.

The risk/reward is excellent, so if you have any change left from buying up Steem, throw a little XCP way and you´ll thank me later.

Safe trading.


Chaincoin has allot more potential , man !
It is cheap , and it is starting to flash these days...take a look to my post ,
and give me your advice please

Thanks for your comment. I´m looking at alts in the red that have a good chance to bounce once BTC is done.
Chaincoin didn´t bleed enough ;-)
Plus they are not on Poloniex.
Safe trading amigo.

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any updates on this?

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