50 Shades Of Cryptocurrency: Predictions On Crypto Hype or Research

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Many different people predict percentages on crypto, what amazes me how do they come to this certain percentage and why?

Is it hype like we have seen in many other industry's before, what inspired this post was seeing a twitter post of a percentage that had gained. (the tweet is over a week old, just using this as example what to look for.)


Tweet Source

CJ +440% I've heard and seen others where there are predictions on crypto, but not always know why they are predicting the up or down.

This gain was one of research (not all are), which is in other industry's solemn but it also rings true home that just because you hold crypto, or trade it you need to always be on top of crypto news.

If you see predictions do your own research to why there may be a gain or loss, don't rely on others to do the work for you, as some may take advantage and be doing it for their own gain than to help others.

Digging deeper into why there was a gain on CJ (Cryptojacks) a week ago.
Masternodes went on sale, coin swap started also - CJ to XBR.

7 days before on CJ tweeted

Tweet Source

When you support a crypto it is only the beginning when you support that community, you will need to follow what is going on, which may be via a twitter account, a ANN, or they may have a discord.

So when you see predictions on crypto do your research into why or even ask the person why and how did they come up with that prediction, they might not tell you, but you can only ask.

Remember Crypto is about supporting that community, only go into a community that you support that vision and where it is going, take cake from time to time, go back and support that same community when you can.

What can make a crypto gain

New updates
Tech upgrades or announcements
Swaps where gains can be seen
Change over of devs or Take overs

What can make a crypto go into the red (losses)

Project is dead or dying
News, Announcements
Coin swaps

Many different variables can make a crypto go into the green or red but at the end of the day how can it be predicted that is going to happen....


This is sharing our limited knowledge, this is not financial advice, please do your own research into Crypto before diving into it, crypto tech advances all the time.

How do you predict if a crypto is going into the green or red?

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

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Steemit if full of great community's here are two you may like to check out:

The @adsactly society is fabulous - Don't take my word for it check them out on
discord if your interested in the crypto sphere, society.

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Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the disclaimer.

Everyone should do his own research before going into the market


Thank you for spending your time reading the post.
Yes everyone should do there own research so they know what they are getting into and what to expect.

very good postings, and postings that can be an encouragement for me who is still a beginner in knowing cripto and steemit, thanks friends for information and encouragement. @saidul


No worries, glad that it can be of use and helpful.
Lots to learn about Steemit and Crypto there are lots of places to learn both.
Have you checked out the Welcome and Faq up the right hand corner with the three strips of your Steemit account that has loads of information about Steemit and some about crypto also.

Nice information, thanks for share sir ☺

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No worries trying to share what limited knowledge we have to help others, we gained our knowledge from the @adsactly community.


Some good advice to be found here thanks @biglipsmama!