Have you received your TenX card yet? Let us know!

in #cryptocurrency7 years ago (edited)

If all is well, TenX is sending out preordered cards all over Europe at the moment. I have been searching the web to find other enthousiasts posting unboxing pictures/video’s. Here’s what I have found so far.

I will continue to add to this post as more pops up over time. Please add your unboxing video and picture as a reply to this post. Would be great to see your posts!

Thanks for mentioning your country and date received.

Austria 2 Oct 2017

Lithuania 3 Oct 2017


You reminded me that I wanted to buy a TenX card. I live in Germany and should also get the card. Thank you!

You are welcome! The idea to be able to spend cryptocurrency anywhere is pretty exciting isn't it?

This is very important to implement the cryptocurrencies more in real life. So we don't have to rely on Fiat anymore.

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Switzerland 12 Oct 2017

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