Throughout my life I have been impressed and fascinated by psychological and spiritual concepts that focus on equilibrium, containment and "keeping your cool".

It seems that so many of the troubles of the modern world stem from our reactivity and inability to maintain some semblance of peace of mind, while the winds of change blow us here and there.

Even our political leadership seems intensely reactive, tweeting without considering consequences, a slave to emotional volatility.

In my spiritual practices and investigations I have been encouraged by great minds speaking of equanimity and having an even-temper. Knowing our truth and sticking to it, regardless of what comes our way.

Some of the most mysterious and powerful secret spiritual practices in various cultures (Buddhism, Esoteric Christianity) center around the ability to withstand the volatility of the sexual encounter. Tantra is the mastering of energy while at the eye of the storm.

I see some resonance in the power that the economic philosophy of HODL indicates in reference to to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. The temptation to act upon reactive thought and feeling is tremendous. We are constantly being bombarded with feelings, sensations, fears and desires. The ability to withstand this firestorm is the essence of Tantra.

As we move forward in our lives, encountering a variety of challenges and tests, may we all remember to simply HODL, and stand true to the essence of who we are.



It's very challenging to 'read' the markets and swing trade. I think for the most part, holding blue-token coins and putting them away will reep rewards. Don't let FUD get in the way. Live life normally and micro-invest on dips with what you can afford. IMO :)

Also, welcome to steemit @benleemusic another fellow Aussie! The Australian community is vastly growing and some of us keep in contact on discord in the PAL (Peace, Abundance and Liberty) server. Feel free to join us/contact us for any help :)

Thank you so much. Just joined the discord group. See you round here and there!

Was a pleasure to chat on there. Everyone is usually very responsive and helpful!

Goodluck with it all, Am now following you on your adventures ✌🏼✌🏼

Thanks! Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Tough analyze

yep true to ourselves and therefore all

As a buddhist, yes.
As part of the crypto community, yes.
So glad you're here.

Nice to meet you!

Genius! I've financially injaculating on HODLing my crypto the way I HODL my seed!