Someone just bought a cryptocurrency💰 cat 😻 for $172,000 💲💲

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Meet CryptoKitty #896775. Her name is Dragon.

She has chestnut colored eyes, her base color is "cottoncandy". in step with her bio she "bit Rebekah Black once" and finds spying on neighbours "exhilarating".

She may be a digital cat and weekday somebody bought her for the equivalent of $172,000.

Yep, that is $172,000 in U.S. bucks, or 600ETH (Ethereum) to be precise. Welcome to 2018.

She is currently closely-held by the user Rabono.

CryptoKitties ar primarily digital collectables that you just will breed and they are valuable within the manner that, for instance, a rare Magic: The Gathering Card is effective. Or a rare trading card. primarily, since CryptoKitties ar on the blockchain, Dragon (or 896775) is totally distinctive and can't be replicated. The individuals behind CryptoKitties ar slowly cathartic "Gen 0" kitties, and that they ar capped at fifty,000, however they'll breed.

This means that information zero cats tend to be the foremost valuable.

Which is why Dragon commerce for $172,000 is very strange. For context, the typical worth acquired a CryptoKitty is $60. The median worth is $9. If you check up on antecedently Brobdingnagian CryptoKitty sales, they need one issue in common: they are all terribly previous. The second most quantity of cash acquired a CryptoKitty was $110,000 back in Gregorian calendar month 2017. That was for CryptoKitty #18. constant day somebody paid $107,000 for CryptoKitty #4. each ar information zero.

Also each ar among the primary CryptoKitties ever created and thus have a high worth. Dragon is totally different. She is #896775, a ninth-generation digital cat. It's laborious to work out why somebody paid such a lot for her. notwithstanding she is cute and bit Rebekah Black once.

CryptoKitties aware U.S. it does not publically inquire into giant sales or investments, however told U.S. there ar variety of potential reasons for investment such a lot during a ostensibly negligible digital cat: "maybe there was a private association the client had to the cat or the vendor. 

"Maybe they very, really, liked  however that CryptoKitty looked." 

It is a awfully cute, digital cryptocurrency cat.

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