Auxilium Monthly Review: January 2019

In this monthly review we look back at January 2019 and look ahead how these events influence the near future.

Company incorporation
Auxilium Global is fully registered as a company since this month.

All cryptocurrencies are in a bearmarket. A bearmarket means there is an overall negative sentiment amongst cryptocurrency holders; there are more sellers than buyers. Also many cryptocurrencies have been delisted from exchanges, because they are abandoned or lack development. However, Auxilium was able to swim against the stream the past 60 days and saw a positive move (on average) of +76%.

Dedicated team
One of the positive aspects of the team behind AUX cryptocurrency is they all are dedicated volunteers that will stick with the project in bull - and bearmarkets. But this also means the Auxilium Global Team still relies on income from day jobs, thus can't commit fulltime to the project yet. We want to once again thank the community members for their understanding.

Community increase
We saw a community increase on a lot of platforms. Telegram was a good example where we reached 2000 members lately. We will look into the options for a Telegram referral program, or other types of referral programs, to increase the community size.

Airdrop (round 2)
We've held a second airdrop attracting more community members. The airdrop applications will be checked this week and distributed 10th February (later than expected). Only applicants who played by the rules and checked all requirements will receive an amount of up to 200 AUX. We have set clear rules and will not make any exceptions.

Distributed interest
We've distributed the monthly interest for the months December 2018 and January 2019. You can read more about the latest AID distribution on our forum:

Network maintenance
A bug was found and fixed. Thanks to the Auxilium Proof of Authority consensus no coins were lost and down-time was limited. We've taken the time to properly fix and test the network and have taken precautions to minimise the odds of such an error happening again. You can read more about the maintenance on our forum:

Website improvements
After receiving some comments and suggestion from community members about our website ( we had a closer look ourselves and found that we could indeed improve on functionality and user engagement. We will work on this behind the scenes the next couple of weeks and will release the new pages one at a time. We invite you to add suggestions by leaving a comment:
On the positive side our website has been performing better in the search engines as our pages are being properly indexed over time.

Community volunteers
This subject has been brought forward once before, but we could not move on with this as our company was not properly incorporated yet. Now Auxilium Global is incorporated we can increase the amount of people able to help out. As you might know the Auxilium Global Team does not get paid for the hours they work on AUX; they are all volunteers. We will be looking for dedicated volunteers with relevant skill sets that can contribute to our efforts to bring AUX to the next level. We'll create an online application form for those interested. We'll inform the community once we're open for applications.

Q&A Video
We've unfortunately not had the time to work on the video as other more critical matters needed our attention. We certainly have the intension to create the video to answer more questions. In the meanwhile please check the frequently asked questions on our website:

Also the whitepaper had to wait a bit longer to be finished. Positive note: the first version of the whitepaper is sent for final review.

Listing on major exchange
The main goal for Q1 2019 is to list on a major exchange; with real volume created by many users. Most important points for such a listing: company incorporation, whitepaper, website and community size. As you can read above we are seriously working towards this goal and are making moves in the right direction. As we didn't conduct an ICO and don't have millions of USD backing the project we have less options, but are optimistic. Optimistic, because we know we have a unique and innovative project with technological and socio-economical use cases.



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