How to Withdraw Your Steem Dollars in Pakistani Rupees .

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Hello Steemines!

I Know Some Pakistani users don't know about how to Exchange their SBD to PKR because many of foreign website exchange SBD in Dollars and no eligibility for Pakistan. So today i will introduce you a website where you can change your Steem Dollars in Pakistani Rupees through Bank Account, or Easeypaisa.

Name of Website: Urdubit

Wbsite link:


Create an account and provide some verification documents. CNIC, Utility Bill and start.
How to Exchange: Go to urdubit home page "my deposit" and Click on BTC deposit and generate BTC address.



You can transfer your SBD to bitcoin through Blocktrades and paste your Urdubit wallet address after some time your SBD convert in BTC in your Urdubit BTC wallet.


You can sell your BTC and get Pakistani Rupees then Withdraw through easypaisa or bank account, as you wish.



You Can check my Urdubit Account and i have 42 rupees left and you can also check my withdraw history.

If you need any help you can comment .Thanks

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Hi, great post, have followed you. What do you think of the current state of the Bitcoin market?

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@arslanq Wonderful job bro ! I think you have answered everyone's a bunch of queries in your 1 post. I saw many most of people who who charge to learn ! Actually we should help each other to learn something ! I already know this criteria but think to post & aware people must know and you done ! So I would like to resteem and upvoted ! And definitely I m bound to upvote and resteem for your great effort my bro. God Bless You


Thank You So Much.

Very Great post! Every pakistani wants this post BTW I upvoted You and followed you. Follow and Upvote me. Thumbs up for this post!

thanks @hassanamir....
thanks for info... @arslanq

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Oh just hi! This is very informative post i only wants to know that how much is the fee on exchange btc to easy paisa or bank transfer ?


0.75% may be

Nice post arslanq


:) i always welcome my friend