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Today i'm very glad that i'm going to introduce about a very incredible project which name is KRIOS. It is a suitable answer for issues confronting the advertising industry.

Using the blockchain and Ethereum smart contract innovation, the Krios ecosystem offers a safe and transparent way to direct showcasing exercises, for example, making promoting substance or acquiring notice space on a site page.

Krios is exploiting Ethereum's smart contract gauges to give all gatherings engaged with promoting efforts with a reasonable, transparent, modest and snappy approach to arrange and carry out transactions.

Krios' point is to make a ground-breaking and practical across the board arrangement that takes into account assorted advertising needs, while keeping up effortlessness and usability. Krios drives the disruption of a multi-billion-dollar industry by assuming responsibility in giving duty and responsibility, while expanding ROI for sponsors.

The intensity of online networking and the utilization of affiliate marketing is growing across the board and keeps on prospering as organizations reliably acknowledge extravagant benefits through the astute and effective procedure of associating with important influencers.
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Promoting is the investigation and administration of trade connections. While Digital promoting is the advertising of items or administrations through computerized advancements.

The American Marketing Association has characterized showcasing as "the action, set of foundations, and procedures for making, conveying, conveying, and trading contributions that have an incentive for clients, customers, accomplices, and society on the loose."

Thus: Businesses empower input from clients through online sources, sites, and web journals which gives shoppers a voice and gives them a chance to feel vital. Also, Information can be traded quickly all around the globe from shared and business to customer, urging the intended interest group to voice their assessment.

Affiliate marketinghas three connections between parties:

• The sponsor is the organization offering the items or administration. They are endeavoring and willing to pay another gathering to publicize and advance their item or administration for them.

• The distributer is the individual or organization that is publicizing the item or administration in return for commissions. The publicist gives the distributer some kind of substance (pennants, joins, advertisements, telephone numbers, limited time codes, illustrations, and so forth) which they post on their site or web based life outlets to accumulate consideration for the organization.

At long last, the client is the person who is being called to activity. They are the ones who see a commercial and are required to either visit the site, round out structures to enroll, or buy an item. This is known as a transformation.

The Current Challenges Faced By Social Media Businesses

One of the problems is that advertising with a large corporation such as Facebook or Twitter where common enterprisers are just another number in Facebook’s ledger, and the ROI for expenditures are extremely unclear, they would not receive any special attention or personalized service from Facebook.

Currently, the only way to reach influencers is through their agents, a third-party platform or attempting to contact them through social media; all of which do not guarantee a response.
Also, haviing to deal with influencers from all around the world implies that businesses must hold or have access to several different currencies depending on the influencer’s location which leads to more transaction fees as companies must exchange their fiat into another fiat currency.

The Solutions With Krios
Krios alleviates the problems above by providing companies with access to a network of talented professionals who provide value and synergies in all aspects of a company’s marketing campaigns. A platform where businesses of any size can create a full scale marketing team specific to their project and then manage and coordinate the campaign at a fraction of the ordinary cost.

Krios also offers a simple, streamlined process by which a company sends a request containing information about their product, budget, needs and timeline. Krios will then match the business with approved and registered professionals within the network who will be chosen by the company to complete the tasks given.
Companies can also manage and have full control over their marketing efforts directly on the Krios platform through the “Build Your Campaign” feature. Krios saves all parties time and money as it connects users looking to sell their endorsement services or other professional capabilities with the business.

Token Information
Token Name: KriosCoin
Ticker Name: KRI
Token Type: ERC-20
Total Supply: 650,000,000 KRI
Available for sale: 500,000,000
Exchange: KriosCoin (KRI) is listed an trading on LATOKEN
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For more information you can visit Krios's official site and read their whitepaper. The links can be found below.

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Official Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:

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An excellent project from a very promising team, the guys are really engaged in the project and its development and popularization. Very good and informative article.