Circle's Investment Practice Takes Another Crypto Money: Monero

in cryptocurrency •  last year 

Circle soon launched an investment application from Blockchain startups. Circle's investment practice will now support a new coin: Monero.

Circle announced that she added Zcash to the investment application just a week ago, and will now support Monero, a secret-focused coach. Users will then be able to invest in Monero as well as other coins in practice.

Circle's investment application now includes Monero and Zcash as well as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin.

Rachel Mayer, senior product manager for Circle's Invest application, made the following statement:

"We spent the last week in Circle Invest's family with Zcash. We are starting to support Monero today and are expanding our flea market. Thus, a total of 7 coins can be invested (on the application), which makes Circle Invest one of the widest range of coin-powered platforms you can use to instantly invest in your bank account. "

Circle's investment application can be made without paying any commission. There is a clear indication that XRP produced by Ripple will support the application in practice, but no clear explanation has been made so far.

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