Ethereum Current Price Update: 27|08|2018

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Ethereum coin which is also known as ETHER with code ETH is 2nd cryptocurrency in website. Bitcoin is the first and ether is 2nd listed digital currency. Ethereum' works on smart contracts technology on Blockchain. Currently its trading price is USD 277 USD however 1 year back on 27 Aug 2017 it was trading at USD 334. All time high price was 1432 for Ether on 13 Jan 2018. This coin has a very good potential for long term. This is one of the most popular platform for ICOs as its based on ERC 20 and for ICOs its easier to roll out their token sale thought it. In US you can make payment to Microsoft through Ethereum but I am not sure about other countries.

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Below is the current snapshot of Ethereum:-

Current Price

USD 277.44

Current Market Cap:

USD 28,183,973,125

24 hour Change:-

0.68% increase

24 Hour Volume:-

1,271,026,712 USD

Circulating Supply:-

101,584,539 ETH

All time High:-

USD 1432 ( in Jan 2018)

This coins has good growth potential but in long term. Please do your own study before investing in this coin.

Thank you 🙏

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