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in cryptocurrency •  last year

Steem is looking very interesting at the moment. Today is a very good day, we are right now up more than 10%. Here is the hourly chart:

Comment: What we need to do next is to pass 0.00034 and have an hourly close above that price level.

Now, lets zoom out and look at the 4 hour chart:

Comment: Now, it looks like we are forming a cup formation on the 4 hour chart so we have to wait to see if we will also add a handle to that. Otherwise, we could just smash through the last top, that is my opinion. We can also see that we have a MACD crossover so things are looking very bullish for Steem.

Finally, since many altcoins has been lagging behind for about 3 months, I dont expect a smooth transition to the upside, I have a feeling that we will get some kind of explosion move. Obviously, I could be wrong about this, but that is how I read the charts.
source:Free Forever

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STEEM has lost 75% in confront of bitcoin in the last 3 month.
to go back to its ATH price in confront of the bitcoin STEEM has to go up 300% from it's current price of 0.25BTC to 0.001 BTC
let's hope it will be able to...
I hold 1500 steem that were about 1.5 BTC and today worth 0.386 or so