Teloscoin against all crypto market. Telos Contest!

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Teloscoin has been apathetic to the movement of the entire crypto market since while everything falls apart and is in the red, Teloscoin has increased its price by almost 30% in the last 5 days with very high daily volumes. It is expected to reach the 100 sat barrier again very soon. The number of nodes installed in the network has grown, with almost 1000 nodes installed in its 100k tier, this seems to give stability to the impressive project since it has almost 100 million Teloscoin blocked in Masternode which means almost 70% from your current suply.


In addition to this, the project in general has released more than 5 useful applications for the community in the last month, including its exchange and multi-coin investment portal on its Bitdorado platform

And to celebrate its anniversary and expand in almost all branches, it has created a contest that encourages web developers, application developers, content creators and much more to participate with a prize of $25,000 in Teloscoin, so if you know of someone who meet these requirements do not hesitate to notify him, visit this link for more information Telos Contest.

As always I invite you to be part of their communities, join and I assure you and you will win, with Transcendence project nobody loses.

You can buy Teloscoin on any of the following exchanges.

Biki Exchange
Birake Exchange
Bitdorado Exchange
Graviex Exchange
Crex24 Exchange
WhiteBit Exchange

To find out about all the project updates or want to chat directly with its developers, you can join any of their social networks.

Community Discord
Community Telegram

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