Meet the The Political Candidate Fighting For Crypto


Brian Forde, a congressional candidate for California’s 45th district.He’s currently the director of digital currency at MIT’s Media Lab, and during Barack Obama’s presidency, Ford served as a technology adviser to the White House.

Forde’s candidacy is attracting the attention of some of the most prominent names involved in cryptocurrencies.His congressional campaign accepts donations in cryptocurrency, which are converted to U.S. dollars using a digital currency exchange.
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So far, this method has helped him raise more money than any other candidate in the race in many ways, Forde has already set himself apart as the definitive crypto candidate who sees the technologies of the future and wants to steward them appropriately. That’s kind of refreshing in its own right.
so what are your thoughts about him, please comment if he is a step ahead than the other candidates


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thank you very much for this appreciation , i appreciate it and will try to bring these type of great articles

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