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Among the thousands of crypto-coins, a few that stand out, enter the thousands. In this post I'll focus on eos, which ranks 5 on the coinmarketcap site. But what do you expect from this promising currency for the future.


So what is eos? It is a decentralized currency, which has a very large project, where its main purpose is to connect all things, and its main project and its decentralized operating system.
The attention is all concentrated in this currency at the moment, it is considered the grandest project among all the currencies. With speeding up in transactions compared to other currencies, transaction fees, and developer tools and support.

Recently it was officially released, its currency and this occurred on 06/18/2018, with much speculation and mistrust, its value reached $ 15.32 the day after the launch.

Now the progress of the currency will dictate the value of the eos, many investors are eyeing their results, whether the services will have an excellent result, or will present some flaws or disappointments. The good news is that there are companies ready to tap into eos in their projects for the near future.
One of the things that caught my attention the most is file creation, for Blockchain, and decentralized exchange.

Where to mine, I will not go into detail of how it was mined, and with physical structure, because the coins were all created in the act of its development, and also by the numbers that appear in the coinmarketcap website. But there are forms of investment where you buy power from processing speed, to do mining for you. And what the intention of this investment is, you gain in the appreciation of the currency, you buy eos and expect them to value themselves for profit.
The mining pools mining several currencies at the same time, but these pools can negotiate mining of eos without mining eos, this is common in several mining company in clouds, I will leave a site of mining quite famous and one of the oldest, eobot .

What the in common between Ethereum and EOS basically the same goal described above, but developers and others, ensures that its power is greater. Eos makes the work of the programmer much easier and accessible and attracts a larger amount of developers. many failures of the unresolved Ethereum that Eos has managed to overcome, but that it is still early to celebrate, we have to see the course of development from here on.

Legal information, the main focus of the eos is the same as that developed the steem and bitsheres. he was involved with the cryptomoedas early on, and even exchanged messages with Satochi N. A brilliant person with advanced vision in front of the others. His name is DAN LARIMER, but there is a giant team behind the development of eos, of people experienced in various fields of knowledge. You can check it on the eos website.
I believe in the potential of eos, I recommend to eos, in case you have an interest in investing, and gain in its appreciation, a currency that showed great potential regarding the others, in all aspects.
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