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RE: IOTA: First Cryptocurrency WITHOUT A Blockchain Launches, Jumps To 6th Highest Marketcap In 1 Day!

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what? No WAY its already at top sixth marketcap position! let me check coinmarketcap!

Glad to see u back making daily posts @sirwinchester !!!! what was it like to come back to steemit and see how much ur posts were now worth?? Have you accepted steemit as your personal lord and savior and full time job now like I have? manI wana get paid like you soon! My renting of a ferrari spider with steemit logos temporarily taped on with scotch tape (to not mess up the paint) and recording myself handing out steemit flyers will get me on local news and reddit and youtube and steemit trending page, i just need a whale to give me the 2000 to rent the ferrari for the day OR a local ferrari owner in southern california who can let me use it for a few hours for the video or just need to find a local super car dealer that can let me borrow any supercar but need a ferrari or lamborghini that everyone knows about, and then just record the video for an hour or two handing out $1 bills and steemit flyers with instructions o how to signup and make money to 100 people, i'd like to hand out $1000 for just how it sounds, "man hands out !000 dollars in ferrari in downtown san diego for website

I will raise the money by working my way up and doing a video showing me just handingout flyers and 20 one dollar bills to 20 people, with steemit flyers but ill also hand out 80 moe flyers so ill have like 100 people ill have given flyers to on the street like ill seriously work the cornr like a PETA or GREENPEACE kid who sits there liek a sucker getting people to donate money etc


I was never gone, I always posted daily, I've been on steemit for less than 11 months but created 389 posts, so that's more even more than 1 a day! I just always have so many thoughts and topics that interest me, so I continued posting, not for the money but just to create something and save it for myself.

It's great to see how the steemit community is growing, and how the STEEM price has been rising.
Let's hope it will rise even further so that you can buy that ferrari and turn your vision inte reality 😁

Olney my mistake you been posting more than once a day on average! I Only need ren rent Ferrari I wouldn't waste money on a super car I would buy an uber fleet of cheap Hyundai instead