Cointiply Update & New CointiPlay Multiplier

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After one month of daily use and a few verified payouts, Cointiply continues to prove why it's literally the best "faucet" out there right now. Although it is a long road (starting with a few cents a day) you can really grow it into some extra income. Best of all it's actually fun. You can read my full strategy guide and review here :

Want to try it for yourself? You can sign up here :

Now for the newest addition : The CointiPlay Multiplier Game

I like how the team at Cointiply are trying to implement new games and experiences but this one is not for me. I was assuming for a while now something like this was going to be implemented to tap into the gambling desires of users and also help reduce the number of coin payouts due to losses from said users. I do think it's good for the in-game economy and will help separate the more serious users from the ones just looking to have fun.

It's fun to play around with, but I would not recommend using the multiplier as a strategy… Remember, the house always wins.

Below is a detailed description of how The CointiPlay Multiplier works for those of you interested.


Choose How Many Coins You Want to Wager

The first screen you are shown allows you to choose how many Coins you would like to wager. You can wager as few as 10 coins, or as many as 50,000 Coins. The maximum multiplier (level 11 of our game) is 61.3x meaning you could make as much as 613 Coins from a 10 Coin wager, or as much as 3,065,000 Coins from a 50,000 Coin wager.

Once you have selected how many Coins you would like to wager, click or tap the "Start Round" button. This will start a new round of the game for you.

Select a Target

When you start a new round of the CointiPlay Multiplier you will be presented with 11 different "targets" on the screen. The targets look like small white circles.

Select a target (hopefully a winning one!) to reveal a red Gem cluster (a winner) or a black Gem cluster (a loser).

If you select a winning target, your Coin balance for the current round will go up! If you select a losing target the round will be over and you will lose your initial bet.

Keep Selecting Targets or Take Your Win

You can progress through the levels by continuing to select targets. If you are feeling lucky, you can try to make it all the way to level 11 to reach the maximum multiplier of 61.3x your initial bet.

If you would rather play it safe you can click the "Take Win" button at any time to claim your won Coins and end the round.

In conclusion, Stick to claiming the hourly faucet and investing in the mining game for residual payouts. You may get lucky a few times with the multiplier but don't push your luck. Happy to answer any questions below and remember to sign up here :


Hahahaha, thats the captcha i'vo got while creatimg my account.

LOL, that's a good one!


I'm at 113 coins per hour now. You're right that it is slow going but I'm seeing a decent increase in earnings per week at the moment.

And if I do some stuff on the offer wall then it gives a nice little boost to earnings. I had around 500k gems at one stage, I think I sold them all too early at around 10 gems per coin. But it gave my hourly earnings rate a real healthy boost once I upgraded everything.

That's awesome, you're doing great! I'm at about 93 coins per hour. Yes, the gem Is tricky… It's an all-time low now so I've just been holding. One more month and we both should be seeing great results.

I think so. I'm hoping to get to the point where I can convert to BTC a couple of times per week.

I haven't bothered trying to get any referrals. Do you see much of a boost when you get a few?

A few, but honestly the referrals are not that big of a bonus. You're better off with the offer walls like you said.

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I love it! Super hooked on the mining game. The multiplier is rather random, though, so not for me.

Awesome, glad you like it!

My first time to hear about this, its so interesting and want to learn more

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I might try this one... I kinda like the residual payouts and hourly faucet.

That game is multiplayer then i play.

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Will probably try this one too!

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Might be a good try..

Currently playing this game. Nice network really cool 😍

Might give it a shot!

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I wanna try this

Perhaps I can try it too.

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Great post! :)

Will try to play this game. Kinda cool!

Multiplier? Sounds interesting!

would like to give it a try. hope this works for me. extra income is cool while having fun! will post question on comment thread once signed up!

Currently looking for mining games here! Good read man. I might give it a shot..

It's a lot of fun, you should, happy to help if you have any questions!

Great! thanks :)

thanks, very nice faucet! :D

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I was doing great on the Multiplier till I decided to do a 50,000 coin attempt. I just wanted one hit I could go for two. I went bust at one. Oh well. It is fun to mess with when you just need a tiny boost for an upgrade it ... usually sometimes can help. I really do mean to drop a link but as a fellow cointiply affiliate and player I think it is to a game much like Cointiply I think you would have sucess as a player and affiliate with. It is called StarCoins and the have monthly referrals competitions that make it rewarding and fun to sign people up. You get 25% of what refferrals earn plus a bonus for each sign up regardless of their activity levels. I reall think you could benifit tons by playing and shareing this faucet game as well. Here is the link:
Check it out if you have some Cointply downtime. Cointiply is the bomb though. I do not mean to distract from that. I just really think you would like this one too @abrockman

The name is Droopy on Cointiply by the way. I go on rants in chat from time to time. I am up to 1735 affiliates with cointiply that earn me a few bucks each day. Cointipy is an all-around awesome site and is for sure my 1st pick. There really is no faucet game better then Cointiply. I just find it doesn't keep me busy when I feel like fauceting. If you do not have Cointiply sign up with @abrockman s link. I earn tons with the various ways you can earn on cointiply. Never have I got so much from one faucet. Plus it is fun as heck to so your losing double by not particapating.

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