Bankroll | The Final ROI Contract UPDATE #3 : Luck Released

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Update #3 : IT'S FINALLY HERE! Bankroll Luck officially launched just a few short hours ago. This project will not only help stabilize and prolong the Bankroll contract but also has the potential of revolutionizing the dividend model a lot of decentralized applications are using. As if that wasn't exciting enough, We have now reached over 5000 members and the momentum with the Bankroll project continues to explode.


Bankroll Luck is a non-profit casino on the TRON blockchain. All proceeds go to the Bankroll Project Payout Details: 3% house edge, 100% of wins paid as TRX. Bankroll credit bonuses: 1% of jackpot on wins (max 1 in 150 chance); 3% loss forgiveness; 1% buddy system payout / 3% player donation / 15% house donation, from lost wagers


In only a few hours this has added almost 500,000 TRX to the Bankroll ROI contract and is the number one factor on what makes this contract different and ultimately more sustainable. This in itself is revolutionary, but what is even more exciting is how this will help transition away from a tokenization model for dividends that a lot of (actually, all) dapps are currently using. With this, you are able to have a consistent return without having to worry about third-party exchanges dumping coins, manipulating prices, and ultimately hurting the "real players".


What are you waiting for? Start playing now :

You can also still get involved in the ROI contract, Sign up here :

This smart contract has the potential to be the most sustainable ROI model ever created. In turn, providing a basic income for all of its participants… forever.

The Bankroll Project is a social experiment on the TRON blockchain to implement a voluntary, sustainable, and permissionless universal basic income. Distribution: 2.5% to development and referrals, 12.5% to the in-contract treasury, and 85% credit to the depositor/beneficiary. Donations go directly to the treasury.

It's up to you to get involved, but if you do, use my link below. Everyone using my link will be eligible for a sponsorship in which I am able to give you back rewards over a set period of time (something unique to this platform) for even more gains. I am now able to see my referrals and one lucky person using my link will receive a 1000 TRX sponsorship! Anybody that resteems this article will also receive 1 steem for every thousand followers sent directly to your account!

Sign up here :

If you're new to Tron, just download this wallet and add TRX to get started.

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Thank you and you're welcome!

This is really an Amazing opportunity... I'm in already!
Been hearing of TRON but not been so interested. But with this clearer understanding on the prospects involved, I'm really grabbing it by it's throat.. Lol.

Thanks for the info

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Upvoted and resteemed. This looks great, I wonder if someone will create a bankroll type application on the Steem blockchain one day as well and if it would even work on Steem?

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Why not promote Steem projects instead of Tron?

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There’s no harm in promoting other crypto projects on Steemit. If anything, by promoting other crypto it will probably bring Steem more exposure.

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I know people are free to do what they want on the Steem blockchain. :)

Completely agree, my thoughts exactly

Trust me, I am a Steem maximalist, I just really like that Tron platform as well especially when it comes to the development and the many decentralized applications.

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Upvoted and resteemed. Tron keeps on dishing out killer dapps like this one that gives good returns for our precious Trx.

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Its very interesting, sir. I'll learn it.

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I can’t seem to use it on iOS. Oh well. :(

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Bummer… I think there is a way and you can always use a mobile device

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And I have a challenge.. Tried to sign up for the Bankroll and it keeps telling me that tron web not detected. I already have that and logged in through the Math wallet... I am using a mobile device and need assistance please.

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I believe you have to use the Tronlink Wallet. I'm sure there is a YouTube video out there to explain better than I can, let me know if you're still having problems

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