Cryptocurrency SKYROCKETING! New Kingdom ICO Surfaces?!

in cryptocurrency •  last year

We’ve witnessed Bitcoin's rise to fame over the past few years as this cryptocurrency creeps its way into superstardom. It’s time to ring in a new era of cryptos with the upcoming GODCOIN, one that will rise above the rest and sustain itself all throughout the New Kingdom! Christ RayEl warned us that the Gold and the Silver belongs to Him, and now... it's finally time to fulfill that promise.

Join Archbishop Scoggins as he covers all the details!

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People need to invest when it dips, it may be their last opportunity before it keeps rising.

It keeps getting better.

NICE! I'm excited about the cryptocurrency GodCoin!

This is awesome news!

Lmao " Lets get rich".

Due to launch any time on God Coin...Stay tuned ! We are definitely investing!

Better late than never some say. Everyone needs to hop on this bandwagon before the old system fails

Launching very soon!!!

Exciting times we are in... The way of the New Kingdom is becoming clearer everyday now.

This is awesome news, A second chance at cryptocurrency 's gains