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XAYA is a decentralized platform that allows users to run next generation games quickly and effectively, regardless of the complexity of these and without relying on private servers that monopolize the virtual space. Xaya runs in the chain of blocks without the need for servers and can support thousands of games with millions of players.

It is a low-cost infrastructure with a technological innovation capable of reducing the download time of heavyweight graphic images and new software developments for gamers, whose versions are increasingly sophisticated and with greater demand for data storage capacity.

Currently, the world of decentralized games leaves a great financial contribution to gamers, who sometimes have difficulty changing the cryptography obtained by their achievements safely. With XAYA there is a real property on its assets and also a fraction of the developers' profits can also be shared among the players. The games are executed with autonomy and without loss of assets.

Thanks to the XAYA system, exchanges of encryption for fiduciary money will be possible, you can also access the exchange of shares of your products online; all in a simple and secure way, where gamers can remain dedicated to their gaming activity or developers while their assets grow.

Cases have been seen, in which some gaming platforms executed in blockchain, are private and due to errors or conflicts generated with the passage of time, such as: the high demand of users or the outdated servers, these platforms end closed and the assets generated by the gamers are lost.


Defined in a simple way, XAYA offers real control over assets, unlimited gaming genres and free virtual worlds that do not require centralized servers; offers a set of complete tools, SDK/API, where you will not require complex documentation to exchange assets; Scalability and gameplay in real time, are unlimited.

Previously, Xaya was known as Chimaera, in 2013 he introduced a blockchain game called HUNTERCOIN, which was an experiment initially designed to last 12 months, but given its success it is still preserved today, as the first multiplayer game built in blockchain with the first permissible currency for human mining.
XAYA currently has two major releases, Treat Fighter and Soccer Manager.

TREAT FIGHTER, is a game where you can load treatment fighters (made of sweets and confectionery) and challenge you with other competitors in a battle. The world of Canedoom will be the scenario for this occasion, available completely in blockchain with an estimated activity time of 100%, thanks to the effectiveness of the nodes that will act as servers, replacing each other in case of a failure.

SOCCER MANAGER, the famous football team management game, now released in China.
XAYA estimates adopting millions of users by partnering with SOCCER MANAGER, given its large demographics on a global scale. You can generate large financial income in the short term and insurance will change the way players associate and exchange assets within the game.


To the extent that developers create valuable content, highly concurred games, optimal performance and prominent updates, XAYA and its CHI currency will grow fleetingly.
The form of negotiation established by the platform democratizes the development of the game and makes the users prefer to dedicate their time to invest on the Xaya virtual universe proposal; the growth of encryption will always depend on the number of users who put faith in it and the number of transactions they make, in this way the block chain XAYA invests in technology and research so that their proposal quickly reaches the peak of success and achieve self-sustainability through the CHI.


After its great success with the introduction of huntercoin to the world of blockchain games, XAYA has dedicated itself to research and design on its new platform,
Where the virtual universes of novelty games of last generation, will run freely, without the need of servers offering a unique experience to the player and the developers.

XAYA Technology

  1. True Blockchain Gaming:
    Players and developers will be in the main layer directing their game worlds and making the most of it, they can exchange assets and share products through the P2P system, while their transaction remains protected. The games become autonomous universes where the rules are created by the same participants, without using servers that try to centralize the system. Thanks to the nodes that act freely and effectively, the games will become unstoppable 24/7, difficult to track and resistant to censorship. It should be noted that XAYA is nourished by the large demographic number managed by blockchain and its modern technology capable of processing massive data.

  2. Asset Management:
    The assets are kept within the game and generate a reasonable amount of cryptography for the players; XAYA manages the financial resources in a practical way. The system is compatible with any programming language which represents an advantage for developers when creating their proposals, since they can choose the language that suits them without restrictions. Each player will have total ownership over their assets obtained in the game, which translates to LOYALTY; he himself is deeply favored with the service offered by the platform. In this way the players and developers contribute to the XAYA economy by making transactions with the CHI cryptocurrency, giving promotion to millions of users and achieving market positioning.

  3. Payment Gateway:
    Presumably, among many players making thousands of transactions every minute, may arise a conflict related to payment. With XAYA frauds and other web crimes, are practically null, players will remain entrusted under the strictest security protocols, supported by P2P transactions for greater transparency and user satisfaction. The decentralized XAYA model makes the player the one who drives the financial destiny of their virtual universes, therefore the speculative rates are impossible to exist. Payment processing happens quickly and easily without the need to trust intermediaries. All these characteristics make the platform more attractive and more ideal for mass consumption; generating preference and confidence in the user.


The Xaya team is responsible for research, information technology and software design of the highest quality, attributing to the block chain all kinds of innovative tools, contributions and alliances that define the concept Offered by XAYA to users: "INNOVATION AND EXPERIENCE

With a strong experience since its inception in 2013 with CHIMAERA and its unbeatable HUNTERCOIN, Xaya has dedicated itself to strengthening its experience developed by the main blockchain gaming, volunteer leaders of the Namecoin project and Bitcoin Core contributors.

Namecoin: NMC, Cryptocurrency inspired by bitcoin, whose code is similar only with minor modifications, the distribution algorithm is SHA-256, it has an uncensored registry of domains (.bit)

Bitcoin Core: It is software that acts as a node of the bitcoin network, it is decentralized and free. Contributes to the bitcoin network without affecting its performance, or the dedication of the miners, offers a wallet that allows the sending and receiving of bitcoin.

For more information, see:

source; white paper xaya


Human mining
It allows mining through the players, offers an unlimited number of virtual worlds represented by chains of blocks that grow and expand to the extent that the rewards are distributed among the players according to their achievements.

Decentralized reality is a term used by XAYA to try to define the inexhaustible resource of the platform where games and other products are spread virtually reaching incredible dimensions. His vision transcends the virtual reality and augmented reality commonly used in online games; since there is no central authority, the state of the world is calculated by the players who remain involved in it.

Using the point-to-point networks, players can participate in the gaming channels by establishing transactions without trust and in real time, for a fair trade and with the greatest security where there is no place for fraud thanks to its alliance with Namecoin.

The XAYA model is designed from scratch, guaranteeing operations that adapt to each player's role for greater scalability and growth while the system evolves. The servers are not necessary since they are executed completely in blockchain with systems of computer nodes that store the information.
Massively multiplayer online games (MMO), you will get more activity and ownership over the assets in a win-win relationship; since you can buy, sell and trade without limits in a decentralized way, because the player and the developers are the ones who make the decisions.


Easy development
There are no new languages to learn. You can build games in any language. C ++, JavaScript, Python, .NET, anything! The XAYA API allows you to send and receive blockchain data without complex intelligent contracts and you do not need real knowledge of blockchain.src

In this way, the system can be used by developers from all over the world, who will be able to contribute their innovations to virtual universes.

Proven safe
The XAYA blockchain is secured through a custom PoW mining method. With the merged mining SHA-256d secured by the Bitcoin miners, 51% of the attacks are almost impossible.src

Thanks to its distribution algorithm important data and cryptography will be carried out with maximum security, free cyber-attacks such as Sybil, theft, fraud and others.

Probably fair
Compete in games with zero traps. Show that you have won a match. Show that you killed the dragon and picked up the dragon tooth! Show that you defeat the best player in PvP combat. The nature of the real blockchain games is not trusting, check.src

The irrefutable history of characteristic blockchain operations allows demonstrating at all times each of the movements made by the players, avoiding misunderstandings and generating confidence.


CHI represents the reserve currency of XAYA; is the native token of the ecosystem and all transactions within the platform will be made with this cryptographic source to achieve the support of XAYA.
Bitcoin and possibly other cryptocurrencies may be exchanged for CHI chips, during the TEP period which will be divided as follows: Public presale and main sale of Tokens. Each one will have its maximum limit of Tokens available.
The CHI Tokens can be used for operations such as: Account opening, Game transactions, Cryptography transactions, game accounts, among many others.
Once the Genesis block has been mined, the purchased tokens can be changed.
As the ecosystem grows, XAYA aims to create new, state-of-the-art innovative tools such as Dapps and increasingly complex and free virtual universes available to the user.

Coin Distribution
Total tokens for sale: 40.5% (max cap of 150,000,000)
Proof-of-work coins (mineable): 40%
Company reserved: 10% of the total supply unspendable for 6 months (hard coded)
Advisors, marketing bounties, additional costs: 5% of the total supply
Huntercoin snapshot: 4.5% (a snapshot was taken of Huntercoin previously33)source; white paper xaya 19-22

source; white paper xaya pag. 23


XAYA will distribute the funds collected in an effective way taking into account the developers, the inclusion of new users, direct financing of games and competitions.
It will also include business and operational costs, product marketing and marketing.
XAYA will propose training strategies for developers to guarantee the innovations of valuable virtual universes and finally allocate a percentage for the team, advisors, partners and legal advice.

The details of the token assignment can be detailed in the following graphic:

source; white paper xaya pag. 24




Partners & Support

Road Map

Contest information:

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Source images:
Treat Fighter
Soccer Manager
Xaya Team & Road Map


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