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"Not hot storage, not cold storage, just right storage." src

I have always thought that my personal data, my sensitive documents and my digital currency require a greater guarantee of security than those provided by the internet and blockchain.

After spending so much time striving to have some kind of savings that will guarantee a solid future, the most logical thing is that I find a way to store them in a really armored place, free of piracy and other cyber crimes.

Some centralized companies offer storage and protection services in the cloud or on private servers that process the cryptographic information. Unfortunately these branches remain connected to "internet", the main tributary for hackers and piracy who commit thefts and scams for multimillion-dollar sums in the network.

Another way to store important data for people or companies is through the use of removable hardware, such as: hard drives, USB devices, computer centers and other mass storage equipment with some "Terabytes" of capacity; but in the same way these are vulnerable, since with frequent use suffer wear and can be damaged or lost, exposing our valuable information to be lost permanently.

Redefining data storage with Goldilock

Goldilock is an incredible proposal for secure storage and data management that meets the expectations of any average user.

It is a platform that offers a system of digital assets in blockchain with advanced security standards backed by the most advanced technology.

It consists of a type of storage in "cold" (that is, it remains disconnected from the internet), which is activated only when the user accesses through his private key from his personal use device, allowing him to make his transactions; keeping your data private until the moment you disconnect from the service.

It uses an encrypted command that activates the node where currency management or other operations will be carried out, such as: data transfer, procedures for assigning asset rights, cryptographic deposits, etc. Once the mission is completed, this node is disconnected again, disappearing from the Internet environment to preserve confidentiality.

"Goldilock It's like a Big Safe in BlockChain, of which
only you have the Master Key


Try to imagine some applications that the Goldilock system may have?


  • I think it would be useful in education; Students may have private access to their notes, personal documents, studies, degree thesis, evaluation results, etc.
    That valuable documentation that we students want to have armored and in a secure place where we can access at the time we want and with total confidentiality. It would also be very useful for teachers, administrative staff, principals, libraries, newspaper archives, in short, any line of education where mass data are handled and vitally important.


  • Hospital use; would be a contributor to the medical records archives area, where medical personnel can compile the computer data of the patients' medical evaluations, diagnoses, prescriptions, treatments, neonatal service, birth certificates, personal information, all kinds of historical documentation of relevance which must be kept intact with the passage of time in a safe way, in order to be consulted according to the needs.
    Taking into account that it is about the health of the people, the Goldilock system becomes like a guard of the patient's life in a vault that offers protection and security accessible from anywhere. Additionally, it should be noted that this type of storage improves the conditions of physical space occupied by the large files of clinics and hospitals, since the documentation would be stored in digital form.


  • I also think that it would be of real help to robotics and computerized systems programmed for AI. The computer data for artificial intelligence occupies great space and the procedures are of great weight; these files contain decisive information for the operation of the system. The companies that work with AI, usually store the information in Big Data information centers, also hire private services from cloud platforms, having great vulnerability when keeping the confidentiality of the information, being exposed to Sybil attacks, computer sabotage, among others.

I believe that Goldilock would be the great ally of the AI ​​(arificial intelligence),
allowing security and uninterrupted service, remembering that most
of the programmable
systems for AI are scalable and use scientific discipline "Machine Learning";
hence the extreme need for 100% secure storage at
all times to achieve optimal functionality.


With Goldilock The data remains physically disconnected from the internet when it is not being used. It uses several authentication factors to access the system including: Biometrics, non-IP connectivity, cryptographic keys, hardware "Security Module" (HSM); in such a way to maintain the cryptocurrency wallet and confidential data, accessible from any place and at any time, but with guaranteed security parameters.

The Goldilock wallet

Allows the exchange of Crypto by replacing private data, allowing identity masking through its HSM vault, data from credit cards and digital voltages are transferred to a secure gateway where only the user can access and according to its reordering and numerical decoding in isolation does not represent any value for Internet pirates, since they can never find the original source. Transactions are verified at the same time in several simultaneous locations that are activated by generated security codes and custom biometric gateways.

Goldilock is currently in negotiations with the three major banks in the United States since its system aims to be adopted by the entities, since it offers a process for managing bank accounts and transfers that is safer and more profitable than the traditional system.

Validate the KCY policy information (know your customer) agreed by the parties making it only visible to both, as well as the sharing of their data acting as a mechanism of approval and custody over the operations and protecting the Tokens.

Many people consult their credit information online, but they feel susceptible to hacking, so they choose to freeze their credit to avoid identity theft, improper handling of their funds, etc. Goldilock ends this conventional form of interaction by allowing the customer to access their credit information only when it is connected or when it approves its publication through specific periods of time.

Token LOCK distribution

It will get 1 Billion LOCK Tokens according to the NEO BlockChain contract. The founders and advisors must keep a waiting period of 6 months to access the sale, with the intention of giving priority to taxpayers for total transparency according to Goldilock's policy.

The sale of the token will have a maximum limit of $ 50M USD to finance the operations of the company. The purpose is to consolidate the investment and promote the use and exchange of the LOCK tokens; The income obtained will finance the company's ongoing operations.


Goldilock chose the NEO network for the LOCK token because of our alignment with his vision and philosophy about the future of blockchain. Its focus on Governance and Compliance, Digital Assets, Digital Identity and Intelligent Contracts provides a solid foundation for Goldilock Security Suite. In addition, your investment in the ecosystem and the community ensures that NEO will be able to meet the needs of its developers and consumers as the platform evolves.src

In this way we have been able to appreciate the solidity of the Goldilockeconomy, which foresees a promising future for its financial investments, guaranteeing its massive acceptance by natural persons, banking entities, large and small companies, as well as new entrepreneurs.

We could notice according to the distribution criteria of Tokens LOCK , that Goldilock emphasizes the welfare of the user, generating trust and preference over the brand.

Token allocation is mostly oriented to Bounty programs, which denotes Goldilock's preference for the client. The other assigned Tokens will be for Team, investors, businesses and public sale.

Regarding the obtained income, the distribution will be for engineering and manufacturing tools, the rest will be destined essentially for acquisition and financing of structures, marketing and operational expansion.

With You The Team that makes possible the operation of Goldilock


Our team has decades of combined entrepreneurial experience in financial services, emerging technology and marketing, with a consistent focus on innovation. We created Goldilock because we believe methods of storing and securing personal data across the internet have proven ineffective time and time again. The fact is that taking your personal data and cryptocurrency keys offline is the only way to keep them safe from hacking, and now the LOCK Token will advance our mission to provide a universally accessible platform to store your digital assets safely, access it instantly and remotely transact with it from anywhere.


We’ve partnered with some of the top thought leaders and development experts from the Blockchain community who have helped to develop the Goldilock Security Suite. Our ecosystem includes industry experts in digital security, telecommunications, storage, media, and regulatory affairs.


Our network of partners include leading global blockchain services firm, investment and blockchain technology specialists and compliance and regulatory experts.

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"Goldilock It's like a Big Safe in BlockChain, of which only you have the Master Key"

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"Not hot storage, not cold storage, just right storage."

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