Telegram made friends with Etereum

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The TON blockchain (Telegram Open Network) will be compatible with decentralized applications (dapps) for Ethereum. This will create the ability to migrate applications from the overloaded Ethereum blockchain.
A few days ago it was reported that Telegram would release a code to launch a node on the Telegram Open Network (TON) on September 1, which would give users the opportunity to test the blockchain before the expected launch of the main network on October 31. However, by the end of the day Moscow time, nothing was known about the publication of source codes.

TON Labs technology startup is creating a series of tools for developers to help them interact with the new network. One of these tools will be the Solidity compiler, which will allow decentralized applications created for Ethereum to also work on TON, said Alexander Filatov, CEO and managing partner of TON Labs. He noted:

“This tool has become perhaps one of the most complex things that we have developed. It will allow the Ethereum community to transfer all written applications to TON. ”

According to him, the compiler has been tested since July. By agreement with investors, the Telegram team should launch a working blockchain by October 31, 2019. As The New York Times reported on August 27, citing three investors who spoke with the Telegram team, developers must meet the deadline and Telegram will begin issuing Gram tokens within the next two months.

The September 1st release was supposed to be the last in a series of test launches. According to Filatov, this event will be one of the most important in the preparation for the launch of TON.

“We have very little time between the release of the node and the launch of the main network to test, identify and eliminate possible errors and vulnerabilities,” Filatov said.

The light client code was published earlier this year. Filatov said that this client gives users the opportunity to test some of the main functions of the TON blockchain.

“You can experiment with GRAM tokens, write a simple smart contract, communicating with the node through an easy client, and create a wallet,” Filatov said.

Last year, Telegram held a closed sale of GRAM through two rounds of ICO (STO), receiving $ 1.7 billion from major investors, including Benchmark and Sequoia Capital. Most investors chose to keep confidential.

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