SDC Developer 2019 Conference: Samsung will unveil its blockchain development

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Samsung Electronics will present its developments related to the blockchain at the SDC Developer 2019 conference. The event will be held in San Jose, California this October.
Many have already noticed that the Korean giant is eyeing blockchain technology and its potential. Samsung Electronics Vice President Jay Lee detailed this point in a roadmap that was published 3 months ago. Then it became known that the company invested in cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

Samsung will be introducing the “Blockchain Key Store and Wallet,” among other products, at an SDC developer conference next month. In general, the company understands that blockchain is the technology of the future, and therefore wants to be ahead of its competitors in the ecosystem of decentralized applications. Recall that Bitcoin support has recently been added to the Samsung Blockchain Key Store SDK.

If we take into account the fact that mainly American smartphone developers will be present at the conference, we can conclude that Samsung plans to talk about its concept of a blockchain phone. In the future, the company wants to transfer many dApps to its mobile devices. However, the main question remains open - will the Korean giant create its own blockchain.

The concept of a phone on the blockchain exists not so long ago, but recently, interest in it has grown significantly. For example, a few days ago, another industrial giant, China Telecom, announced that it intends to create a “5G blockchain phone” for more than 125 million of its users.

And although the idea is still in its infancy, today two manufacturers - Samsung and HTC - are releasing mobile phones inspired by blockchain technology.


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Samsung has always been a favourite mobile for my husband and myself. Easy to operate and fuss free.

Yes, many choose this brand for convenience and new technologies.