The comeback of bitcoin and CFTS's decision to respect the enthusiasm of the new generation

in cryptocurrencies •  10 months ago

Hi Steemians, bitcoin is back in the game! I must admit that I was a bit worried when it fell to $ 5950 on Monday. However, today it was trading for over $ 8600 at one point!
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The change of trend is caused by numerous factors, however, one of them is most probably the discussion called “Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission” led by the United States Senate. The debate addressed how bitcoin should be regulated and all the other issues linked to cryptocurrencies (ICOs, etc.)

J. Christopher Giancarlo, the Head of Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said:

“We owe it to this new generation to respect their interest in this new technology with a thoughtful regulatory approach.”

According to him, the enthusiasm of the new generation and the technology behind bitcoin should be respected.


After all the negative news about regulations,it is nice to read some positive news and seeing CFTC honouring crypto.

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I am definately no expert, when it comes to bitcoin, but I would say, that it is a litte too rash to say, that bitcoin has a "comeback". The fluctuation of the price of bitcoin in the last 3 months was insane! I would treat this topic very careful, because no one can really say, where the price will be tomorrow : D


Sure, I see your point @life-nerd.
However, after seeing it going into red every day, green numbers are definitely a positive change:)
I am not saying that bitcoin is going to the moon right now, I am just acknowledging the change of trend:)
Of course, nobody is a fortune teller and we cannot predict the price with 100% accuracy.

May the BitLord be kind to us! ;)


Nice graphics :)