Bounty: How are you coping with these crypto prices? — Steemit

Bounty: How are you coping with these crypto prices?

in cryptocurrencies •  28 days ago

The market has been brutal to most cryptocurrencies including Steem.

I hope we are in a decending wedge and close to a bottom somewhere above $0.40


Here is the bigger picture of Steem:


How are you coping with this crypto winter and specifically low prices of Steem?

And where do you think things will go for technical and fundamental reasons?

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I barely have any money for myself. I started buying most of my STEEM when it was around $4 and STEEM is still my biggest crypto investment. One very important thing I can show is that my account value has remained mostly consistent during a very harsh year prices failing over 90%

The Secret is Passive Income

Most people overlook dividends. Crypto can get you passive rewards that can make dividends look like daylight robberies. This is especially true when it comes o STEEM. I've also managed to get over 35K HUNT Tokens and about 25K Dlike Tokens. I've done little bit of analyzing on @steemhunt here:

I've also been investing in @steemmonsters as I've mentioned here. I think these investments will end up being worth more than my actual STEEM account. So I'm not even coping with the crypto winter. I'm actually enjoying it. I even consider the low prices driving out lots of STEEM content producers as a great thing. Less competition means I'll end up with more SP that is barely worth anything at the moment.

I play the long game. What I see is some glorious opportunity around me finally make some money for myself while doing something I actually enjoy like writing, researching, gaming and basic tech geek stuff.

And where do you think things will go for technical and fundamental reasons?

I think the current bear market Cup & Handle could spread upto Q3 2019 Usability and real projects will slowly gain more traction and overall market will be less tied to BTC performance over the next 2 years. There really isn't much "hype" news flying around. So utility will have to make up for it.

I'm pretty chill about this whole bear market crypto winter thing because I look at the horizons instead of my feet.

The prices are bad but I prefer to look at this downward time as a chance to get into crypto at rock bottom prices before the next eventual moon. The only question is how far will Crypto tank before its eventual rise. Personally I just joined in on the crypto craze and don't have allot invested thus far.

My biggest crypto investment has become Steem-Monsters and its value seems to be linked to fiat and not the crypto market or Steem. Which is very interesting considering Steem-Monsters is tied in with Steem.

How am i coping with the low Steem Price? Steemit stopped being about the money months ago, so I don't really care. I'm pretty sure it will go back up eventually. I'm not buying yet, because I believe the price will go down even more. Once there is a steady upward trend again, I might invest a liitle more.

I haven't changed my behaviour here. All the SP I can earn now, will be worth more when the price goes up again

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I did my for investment (some hundred euro) just like @vimukthi when steem was 3.5 - 4 USD.
About two weeks ago when steem was 0.77 USD I did the same investment again.
Do I regret it? No, somehow I simply know it will be a good investment for the future.
I see it as a long-term investment and also try to build up some passive income.
Perhaps it takes years to build up a nice base - but who cares.
Hopefully, I have time enough :)

Steem on!

I do not know about technical or fundamental reasons. But I am looking at the historical way for a "bubble". It is very similar to what we have seen since december last year. And what if we are going to the same - it will soon turn up again. In some days I will help a friend start to invest in Steem so wish the price still be low - only a few days more

No problem at all. Since I only used a very small amount, which I could easily miss/lose. The loss I made in the past year is basically compensated by the Steem I earned. But if I would have been a paperboy for the past year I definitely would have earned more 😩😂

I always believed that crypto is a hype and that the prize for most coins will become close to zero. Atm I could turn right, but I think we need at least another decade.....

Dear @knircky, i remember some months ago when in one post a steem-bounty friends asked which value will reach Steem on the end of 2018 and only you predict 0,5, that means you are really aware about market behaviour and what is going in on in Steemit.
Now it is really good price to buy i think, but i would do if who drive Steemit instead post smiling face or playing guitar video, would give us some explanation of what is going on and what is the business plan for next months, as all market stocks companies do, because crypto is money too, not just a play!

Difficult to say. The right side of the lower graph looks like head and shoulders.

It's a mix of discomfort and greed. Why greed? I can't help thinking when this will bottom out. Discomfort because the thought that a large number of alts could actually die if the bear market gets much worse. Only discomfort because my financial future is not hung up on crypto.

Well, I'm in no immediate need for the money that I've locked up into crypto, so I'm more than happy to ride out the storm! Even if it crashes to zero, I've written off these investments as high risk long term bets anyway! Don't bet more than you can afford to lose!

I'm on the fence about completely decentralised chains... I think there is benefit to them, but I suspect that the majority of people in the world don't actually want complete decentralisation of funds. However, data and other use cases are different matter!

I think the new upcoming Bakkt will be a boon to crypto. Bakkt will make bitcoin something like non-virtual. After which there will be high demand for bitcoin and off course we know it and we have seen it. Whenever bitcoin rises the other cryptocurrencies also follow their mother currency.

I think it’s pointless to analyze Steem charts. Only Bitcoin matters. But even analyzing Bitcoin is becomming impossible. It is so unpredictable. I think it’s going down more. I do not see any good reason why Bitcoin(or any other coin) would start a new bull run. Not yet.

I´m dealing with it as I´ve been doing through the entire year. I always think of STEEM price in long term where the prices will be around 15$-20$.

We are going up a bit now, we already oversold. And looking backwards it might only be a test of those 2 peaks that it is touching on your chart.
What I think will happen is a bounce back up, but we are dangerously close of breaking this support line and go down to the 0.2$+ price.

Good morning, Invest in Steem and make money

I did a STEEM price analysis a few months ago, but I was too optimistic, haha!

Looks like we are very much testing that 40 cent resistance level and to me its not such a bad thing, I really only use this platform for recreational use and not to really earn a days wage. I don't really care much for what the dollar value is at the moment, my goal is to get more stake which im getting for my efforts and pretty happy about

As the platform matures along with crypto we can start to take into consideration the fiat/real world value of what we're earning and perhaps once we can do day to day purchases with steem perhaps then I might care.

Grabbing a cup of coffee and a muffin from my steem without so many conversions would make what I do here feel a little more real

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Crypto crashes on my brothers birthday every year. Simple as that. No need to worry. We will have a turn around faster than people think.



I think the upcoming fidelity will be the next big thing for crypto. Even steemit price will go up if Bitcoin price goes up. Bitcoin is going to rise in price because of fidelity.

The nice thing is, I dont really care about the pricedrop. I do Steemit just for fun.
But thanks to the drop I was able to power up my .5 SBD for cheap. 😁

Thirds Rule Stategy

Buy in THIRDS 33% on the dip!
Sell in THIRDS 33% on the rip!
Trade in THIRDS 33% with other Digital Assets when applicable.

Rinse and repeat...

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yes, it's been very brutal, it'd bad for steem to go lower.

One of the benefits of having a Dollar Cost Average strategy is that price in any one period of time really doesn’t matter as long as long term fundamentals hold. In my case, I started buying at $3.90 in Feb and every month after (sometimes twice a month). While it has been tough, the amount of development I have seen here is encouraging and I am enjoying the journey of engagement in the meantime. My cost average is down to $1.30 which I could have never imagined having when I started. FUD is nothing new to new technology so I buy when there is fear and will sell some when there is greed.


Great man. I hope you keep on doing this for a year and I think you will be a steem whale!!!

Great analysis sir
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