I’m way up on Tron, Steem and SBD also. TRX is one of my best Cryptos ever. Wish I had more ...


I feathered out a little too early on TRON but I feathered out to USDT and am lending it on JustLend so I earn TRON and other stuff.... but I still have 20% of the original TRON bag and we are earning more here which is nice. Hopefully it flies to like $0.50 or something.

This stuff is flying right now.

Oh yeah .... TRON is headed to $100 .... along with SBD, Steem and PNUT. This is the place to be. Tron is light years ahead of everyone.

Enough said is right! lol Same with me. I am very spread out. And that is how I like it.

Hi @brianphobos... I have chosen your post on "-People Wonder Why I Don't Just Invest In Bitcoin-" for my daily reesteeming initiative - voting and commenting...
Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow Steemit.

There is still room to grow for Bitcoin alone @brianphobos :D
I am so optimistic about steem as well.