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Hello Bit Brainians!

I'm still on vacation, but I couldn't resist sharing this!

Please excuse the formatting, I have to post this from a rather elderly phone.

Full disclosure: I would have posted this on my brand new Twitter account, but I can't remember the password!

Consider this

I was browsing through my CMC Watchlist a few moments ago, when I noticed something interesting. I noticed that CargoX (CXO) and Tron (TRX) are almost the same price.

From (my personal Watchlist)

I speak about CargoX all the time. Search Steemit for "bitbrain cargox" and you will find a wealth of information. In my opinion it's a really good crypto.

With CXO and TRX being identical in price, one should compare how their other numbers relate to one another.

When choosing an altcoin to buy, one must look at two main factors: ROI and risk.

The ROI is a no-brainer

Remembering that price is the same:

All figures from at time of posting

Circulating supply:

  • CXO: 129 071 409
  • TRX: 66 639 229 124

Total supply: (ignoring future token burns)

  • CXO: 215 119 016
  • TRX: 99 238 440 778

Market cap: (rounded off)

  • CXO: $2 740 000
  • TRX: $1 450 000 000

Point made

In case you need a little help in interpreting those figures for ROI purposes: take the total supplies of both and divide them by one another. Assuming identical price, if CXO and TRX were to become similarly popular when mature (i.e. total supplies of both are in circulation and their market caps equalise), then CXO has an ROI 461 times greater than that of TRX!

So then why wouldn't you buy CXO instead of TRX?

Risk is the other factor.

But one should differentiate between Risk and The Perception of Risk.

Tron is perceived as being low risk because it is large and well known. CargoX is similarly perceived as high risk because it has a low market cap and is not nearly as ubiquitous.

But Tron has an ambitious goal. Don't get me wrong; I'm not bashing Tron here, I like Tron, I hold some of my own. But this is a crypto seeking to build a distributed, global operating system on its own blockchain.

CargoX on the other hand is an Ethereum token with no ambitions of making a blockchain. Instead it has revolutionised the bill of lading system for shipping - a far smaller goal, but one with far reaching consequences. CargoX's "Smart B/L" system has already been tested in real life and they are building large and impressive partnerships. They already have many significant shipping industry partners and are themselves a spin-off of a shipping logistics company. All the expertise and partnerships are already in place!

I honestly think that CargoX has far lower real risk than Tron does.

DYOR. Go compare the companies. Go compare the real world risks.


This post is for you; I don't need any more CargoX in my portfolio, I already hold a highly disproportionate amount of it compared to my other cryptos.

Everyone knows "Buy low, sell high", so why is it that when the markets are so low nobody seems interested in buying? This is the time to buy! You can wake up later and buy with the next wave of hype, but isn't that being incredibly silly? Buy LOW! Buy NOW!

I'm a value investor. I know which crypto I think is more risky and I know which crypto has a higher ROI. I have bought accordingly.

Now you must decide.

Decide with your head, not with your heart.

Decide for yourself, don't let the masses of sheep decide for you!

Yours in wisely bought crypto

Bit Brain

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I think that the important factor to consider is what is the target goal for the value it is replacing in the traditional market. CargoX is more niche to the supply chain and its processes but Tron is looking to be an ecosystem that could include supply chain and other applications. I think this why the market caps are so different. However, it will come down to execution as being more focused like CargoX could be a short term benefit. (I have not position in either so it was just a perspective)

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Thanks for the perspective. Allow me to add a little perspective to your perspective. From a crypto point of view Tron is a broader platform with more room for expansion - certainly true, but that little CargoX niche market is shipping. Remember 90% of all global trade goes by sea. That niche is massive, and CargoX is the first mover in that industry, not only with its Smart B/L (which is revolutionary in terms of speed, cost and security) but also with other developments based on its token. It also has put a lot of work into its token economics; developing a utility token which should appreciate in value for solid reasons.

I'll keep holding both and hope that both become very successful. I expect that if they do, my CXO ROI will be far greater than my TRX one. One can only hope.