Cryptocurrencies See Some Slight Recovery

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Majority of digital assets today are in the green seeing gains between 2-10 percent during the last 24 hours of trading sessions reports Jamie Redman of Bitcoin News

According to him, prices first took a big drop after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had denied the Winklevoss twins exchange-traded fund (ETF) which may have put a black cloud over the community’s optimism concerning the upcoming Cboe ETF decision.

After the ETF was denied, the price of bitcoin core (BTC) dropped from a rough average of $8,200 per BTC to a low of $7,798.

However, not too long after that BTC prices jumped back up $400 to the $8,200 zone again.

Most of the other digital currencies within the crypto-economy have been correlated with BTC and had followed the rebound back as most are nurturing losses today, he added

His words "the price of bitcoin core (BTC) is averaging around $8140- 8200 per coin".

BTC has swapped over $6.2Bn today in global trade volume and the currency’s market valuation is around $140Bn this Saturday.

The top BTC exchanges include Bitflyer ($2.02 Bn), Binance ($270.07 Mn), Bitfinex ($229.94 Mn), EXX ($212.66 Mn), and Coinbene ($169.53 Mn).

The Japanese yen continues to be the dominant currency pair (49.5%) traded with BTC which is followed by tether (USDT 32.2%), USD (12.5%), EUR (1.64%), and the KRW (1.5%), he added

BTC dominance is the highest it has been in months as the digital asset’s capitalization is 47.3 percent amongst all 1600+ market valuations. On the peer-to-peer platform, Shapeshift this Saturday shows the top swap is ethereum (ETH) for bitcoin core (BTC). HunitYunit.webp


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