What is Crystium?
Crystium is Payment gateway and wallets that allow users around the globe to accept payment of different crypto currency integrated in the crystium blockchain. it has a total supply of 15b token, the ticker of this token will be CRY.

How can I become a member of Crystium communtiy?
you can become a member either by Joining selfdrop/ ICO campaign or joining our future airdrop. you can also be part of the community by partaking in future bounty by actively participating in CRY community development. Presently, CRY token can be acquired by participating in the self drop by sending the minimum required fee (0.01ETH) to the contract address on to get 200,000 CRY token. Information about the future airdrop will be communicated at a later date on different means of communication used by CRY community.

What is the maximum amount to CRY token that can be purchased?
There is no maximum amount stipulated to buy CRY token. however, if there is any investor willing to buy CRY token worth of 5ETH and above, we advise such investor to contact us by email: [email protected] so as to claim their special bonus.

When Exchange :)
we will launch on a number of exchange when the selfdrop comes to an end.

Our softcap is 100ETH while hardcap is 375ETH . if we complete the selfdrop before the scheduled closing date of the self drop, we will speed up the listing of CRY token on as many Exchange as possible.

you are still got a question to ask? please visit our various media to get answer to your question?

Github: View Source Code Here
Email: [email protected]Captureiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.PNG


I signed up for the Crystium Airdrop! Thanks for sharing

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