Where the Wild Eyes Grow

in cryptoart •  last month


KnownOrigin and Auctionity

This piece of crypto art is called 'Where the Wild Eyes Grow', the piece was made for a creative challenge set by KnownOrigin and Auctionity. This piece is an animated gif created from digital adaptations of my own ink drawing, scans and photographs. I'm very pleased to say the work was selected as one of the ten pieces to be shortlisted by the judges for the challenge, the challenge is now at the voting stage to find a winner.

You can see the 10 shortlisted works for this creative challenge at https://dapp.knownorigin.io/gallery, and vote on your favourite piece.

'Where the Wild Eyes Grow'


You can find Where the Wild Eyes Grow at KnownOrigin.



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Congrats at making the short list !

Love the eerie feel from the eyes !
They seem to live in the same kind of place as this guy, no ? ;) :


Maybe he planted them?!?

@opheliafu congratulations dear friend for being selected within the ten best. it is a wise desicion is a beautiful, colorful and creative obramuy
Thank you very much for showing us
I wish you a wonderful night


Thank you, just waiting now to see how the voting goes.