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Crypto art

I'm showing you a new piece of crypto art that I recently tokenized on SuperRare called Cell. This piece is an animated gif and was made using digital adaptations of a dark-field monotype print that I created.


The print plate mid way through removing the ink, and original monotype print the piece was developed from.

pink inkmarks.png



You can find Cell on SuperRare.


Some of my other pieces on SuperRare


What is Rare Digital Art?

Rare digital art, aka crypto art, is limited-edition collectible art cryptographically registered with a token on the blockchain. Blockchain technology allows unique, provably-scarce tokens to be held and securely traded from one collector to another.

Source: https://superrare.co/about


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At first glance, without looking at your description, I thought of the uterus and reproduction. LOL. In any case, let's remember that cells have the capacity to perform the three vital functions: nutrition, relationship and reproduction. Between two beings, and the world, what should abound most are living and fully functioning cells. Your work today is interesting, @opheliafu. Nice Saturday.


That is part of it yes, you have a good eye! But also the representation of cells surrounding the figures.
Hope you are having a good weekend @nancybriti.