Meet my Puppies. Watch them on Twitch 24/7 Livestream...

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I want you to meet my Dogs...


Frank is the first of all and the father of the two. A little bit spoiled and jealous dog. He wants attraction and love to grab your attention. He loves his doll so much... :D


Hoona is my favorite because he is adorable and cute. He behave like his mother and doesn't want to make quarrel among others, unlike Frank.


Misty is the smallest but she loves to play with others. She is the only girl on the line-up

We hope you can visit and watch us on our livestream on Twitch.

The 24/7 Livestream of my cute puppies

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Love it, very innovative! I fed your dog by sending 1 STEEM to @hiroyamagishi and then realised it's the wrong address. Then I sent twice in a row to @cryptoanimals. The first time, much more food arrived.

Thank you buddy. 😍

@hiroyamagishi I sent 1 STEEM again to show my mother. Not working this time unfortunately...

I refunded your steem, sorry for that. There are still bug on the code but I restarted my server, adjust the code and resume the stream. You can try it again, I believe it was already fixed, hopefully. 😁

Thank you, will try again tomorrow and show it to my kids as well :)

Thank you, I am exploring some more idea how things get more fun and exciting. Great to know someone loves the idea.

didn't work again.

Sorry for that, I am working hard to perfect this project. I am posting an update once I think it is better

so sweet.

sweet like a candy 😘

If i dont send 1 STEEM, you wont feed them?

Im torn. I either send you STEEM and help you put posts like this on top of the trending page or the puppies go hungry. Its hard to decide whats worse. ;)

preemptive self-vote. haha

The puppies are fed enough, don't worry. They will eat either you give a donation or not. It is a good example how fast the Steem blockchain works that response in transaction in a real time

VeryyyyY! cute!!

Is there a developer (or Twitch devs) out there willing to integrate Twitch to the Steem blockchain, or is it even possible?

No idea 😓

Nice cute puppies,Frank,hoona,misty.nice names.

thanks 😍

Guau linda mascota se ve que te felicito por publicarla

Appreciate it 😘

This kind of shitpost is ruining Steem, fuck your puppies and fuck anyone who gives a 'nice post' comment.

It wasn't my post is important but we are showing the world how fast the steem blockchain on making a transaction. That's it

hi, Asian your puppies are cute indeed.

Thank you 😘

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are very well understood animals in my house we have a very spoiled and wants to be at all the first in attention, greetings

Greetings, hope you are doing well in Venezuela

This is so beautiful

thank you

So cute

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Those are some cute puppies. I have 2 but too big to put on video. 2 german shepherds

Make a post of them 😚

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they look so adorable. nice meeting your puppies

thank you, the community can freely check them in our livestream... Great meeting you

lovely pups. will be checking the livestream.

say Hi to the dogs 😋

Nice dogs

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they are lovely too 😍

they have cute names and they are beautiful

thank you, appreciate it 😘

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Bello! Dios lo guarde

gracias a Dios

Such lovely and cute puppies!!


They are so cute

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gotta love your dogs, they are all so cute and adorable

thank for the comment 😍

They are very cute your dogs, I love dogs I have a 7 year old chihuahua

Wooah, love to see your pet

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You might want to reconsider how ethical this is. The idea behind it is good, but you might want to rework it a bit to make people want to use it.

Copy pasted comment

oo si me gusta el video

Hard times to animals. Where is greenpeace? 😂🤣

Create discussion or poll on

You have a nice poll. I would definitely take a look at it.

Wow, so you have three puppies @hiroyamagishi. They are really cute

thanks 😚



  ·  10 months ago (edited)

very sweet ... I like pets very much, I have 3 years old dog too

good to know, it is a stress reliever

Muy buen post!

gracias a Dios

This sucks!

Sucks? This is good sample to show the people how relevant the Steem blockchain

No it is not.

Very cute puppy

they are lovely too

He is Soo cute. And good to hear that he is the father of two puppies. :)

Que lindo tus cachorros! Que Dios te los cuide siempre

That is awesome, I love dogs :D

i want you people see my puppy too :((

they are so cute !

Your dogs are very cute

they are 😍

  ·  10 months ago Reveal Comment

He wanted to make SURE we all saw this eh lol #humor

Nah, he's just too cheap to buy his dogs food. He wants other people pay for them.


Don't feel bad for the dogs, it's just a dog. It is also a good sample how far we can go through with the new technology.

It was a joke, but as mentioned in another comment, I think it will make more sense to post it from @cryptoanimals.

I may consider it, thanks for suggestion.

it is shit or maybe the revolutionary thing of the internet. See more of this livestream in the coming days

Wow, this is the kind of garbage that should not be boosted. Adds no value to the community. Only gives credence to the idea some have that steem is a #shitcoin for and a playground for #scammers / #manipulators...therefore not a good investment.

Don't be greedy and don't ruin this for everyone.

It wonders me everyday to see how fast the steem network on making transaction. It happens from donation in almost exactly right before our eyes in a livestream. That is the real magic there.

Try this on bitcoin, goodluck.

$389 in Donations from you to yourself?

This is your wallet history. No one did any kind of live-stream donations to your post.


LOL!!!! I mean, it’s not just me right? Does this guy (@hiroyamagishi) get it? Is this a language barrier thing? 😂🤣😂🤣

If it doesn't conform to you then it is not for you. Make less problem, buddy. Keep out

I am talking to the livestream in @cryptoanimals account and not the exposure.

Watch the livestream and understand..

You might want to reconsider how ethical this is. The idea behind it is good, but you might want to rework it a bit to make people want to use it.

I am reworking it everyday. It wasn't perfect yet but I am trying hard... Great to see your comment

@igstter can you send copy of your avatar? I've seen this image before but I can't find now.

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I believe it is quite revolutionary. Still, I think buying votes to well over 350 STU is rather excessive. If you bought up to around 100+, you still could have got some pretty good exposure. You should also share this post with all your other social media.

That said, have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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Happy new year... Thanks for your great comment

Why not just boost it from the @cryptoanimals account?

Oh wait...forgot you need the "exposure" too.

Maybe on upcoming post

I honestly couldn’t agree more. I my opinion this should be nowhere near the top of trending. Again that is just my’s ok to have one of those right?? Bidbots...keep up the good work because the authors love you.

I wonder if they know they're being watched all the time! :)

I wondering that too. 🤣

  ·  10 months ago Reveal Comment
  ·  10 months ago Reveal Comment

Watch the livestream and explain how nonsense or maybe revolutionary it is?

Haahaha that meme tho lol