Get your P3C Tokens AIRDROPS now! Want Passive Income?

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In the previous post, I have explained about the Core Basics of what is about. If you've missed it, let me just drop my post link below and also grab an excerpt which I think is important before you proceed to get airdrops from this project.

Core Basics of P3C.IO :
Think P3C, Think Planetary Scale

Quick Explanation of

  1. When you purchase p3c tokens, 10% of ETC used to purchase will be distributed proportionally to all existing p3c token holders.
  2. The more p3c tokens you hold, the larger stake in dividends you obtain from that 10%.
  3. Every p3c tokens you purchase increases the p3c global price by +0.00000001 ETC. (Currently 1 p3c = 0.01 ETC)
  4. If you choose to sell your p3c tokens, you will get back ETC immediately at the current p3d token price and the p3c global price goes down by -0.00000001 ETC.
  5. 10% of the sale of your p3c tokens will also be distributed to all existing p3c token holders.

How to get your Airdrops?

The steps are VERY simple and you will be getting your airdrop tokens inside your saturn wallet which you need to install to access the website. Here are the steps :

  1. Just drop your email that you want to receive your tokens under the comment section below.
  2. An email with the saturn wallet passphrase and key will be sent to you.
  3. After login into your saturn wallet, you can now access to start your passive income/investment.
  4. Make sure you change your saturn wallet's network to ETC Main Network.

And you're on your way to passive income!

TAKE NOTE : If you are skeptical about p3c knowing your passphrase and key, you can always change it once u get your tokens. An extra measure is you can liquidate your tokens for ETC, send it to your other saturn wallet, and purchase p3c tokens again. But take note, a 10% will be deducted from any transactions in and out from the contract.

What are you waiting for? Drop your emails in the comment section or DM me on discord.

Other Links :

P3C Wiki - P3C Explained

P3C Discord Channel - Come join us, meet the team and ask questions.

About P3C

Think P3C, Think Planetary Scale - Core basics of p3c

Think P3C, P3C Final Contract Upgrades, be an early adopter - In-depth about p3c contract final upgrade and roadmap.

Thank You

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Thank you

I just sticking with Neo and steem for now


Thanks for the heads-up... gonna go check it out right after this.


Don't wait, we have a lot of new features coming up



Lol, yea. The devs use the same contract system as p3d.

Will give a try send me some cowrie shells, I mean them tokens: ***********


Will submit it up to the admin. :) Come join the discord channel


Thx. Will do :-)

Congratulations @zord189!
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Would love to participate :) My email is: ***

PS: I've got a question: Will the price drop by 0.0...1 per P3C sold?


Okays, will submit ur email. Do come join us in the discord and if u have any questions. :D

It's kind of like you were speaking a foreign language. I knew most of the words, just not arranged in the order you had them. :-) Crypto can be hard.


Hahaha! It is also new territory for me


yesh yesh?

I will check it .Thank you.
But I created Trust wallet
Because of mobile.
My email is

Send me seed.


submitted your email to the admin. Yea, trust wallet can work too. Come join our discord if u have more questions.


Give me discord link.
Above link is expired

Could you add me, too: ...


Submitted your email for airdrop. Come join us in the discord

I want some too: *******


Submitted your email for airdrop. Come join us in the discord

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Good opportunity for everyone. Thanks for this post.

Airdrop me please

Had to duck out of ETC recently with the main dev dropping out, I may be back though :D If I grab some ETC will be sure to jump on board :)

my email:


Submitted, come join our discord too if u have any questions

Give us some :-)


Submitted. Check ur email :D