Want an easy intro podcast to CryptoCurrencies?

in crypto •  2 years ago 

We recommend checking out the http://investorfieldguide.com/hashpower/ podcast.

What is it?
Hash Power is meant to be an introduction, but really, it is an invitation to explore this emerging world on your own. In the coming weeks, we will cover the technology, the power of decentralization, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs, cryptography, and hashing. We will spend time with the leading active hedge fund managers in the field, and with outside investors who are both optimistic and skeptical. Episode one covers the big picture, and answers the question: what is blockchain and why might it significantly affect our world?

If you enjoy what follows, you’ll still be very early in understanding this field. Most don’t. So help me spread it like wildfire, because the more people that understand blockchain, the better its impact might become. Welcome to Hash Power.

Credit goes to the author Patrick O’Shaughnessy and we wanted to share a great work and effort in crypto education with you!

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