3 Online Fantasy Platforms That’ll Rock Your World - And No, They Don’t Involve Sex

in crypto •  last year

We made an appearance on Huffington Post this morning, check out the article below!




Trading is tough. Even after you get past the complicated terminology and reading all of Warren Buffet’s pithy advice, you barely stand a chance of turning a profit. Cue ZeroSum, a fantasy trading platform that allows noobs and pros alike to test trading strategies online before taking them to markets in the real world.

Players start by simply entering competitions of their choice. From here they make fictional trades and predictions based on live data from the markets. For each competition a leaderboard is created based on the amount of fictional profits players are able to generate through their predictions. Although the profits made aren’t real, players don’t walk away empty-handed. The winners of each competition on the platform are rewarded with ZFX, a token based on the Ethereum blockchain - that can then be converted to Bitcoin, Ethereum or cash. What better way to make sense of how the big bad world of retail trading works while making some cash.


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