20 Days ago, I REMOVED all my investments from crypto and sold some STEEM & SBD (Proof)

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Hi guys if you saw my one of my last posts, i had removed all my investments from crypto, and sitting on cash. If you havent seen, CLICK HERE

Another place where i had mentioned this:

Another post where i made a small investment selling some STEEM & SBD. CLICK HERE to see the post, fortunately both are still close to my cost price or above.

As of now, its just a wait and look for the right opportunity, however Ethereum is above my selling price, but not that far.. its a good time to invest in small bits in midcap/smallcap cryptos and some good new ones.

More posts on my trades/investments coming soon... :)

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it's already hard enough for NSFW people on... literally every site. could you please be more careful about where you are promoting things? you don't need to promote in NSFW-specific threads. thanks in advance.


didnt know about it.. sorry