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I am glad to make it to this episode of @Originalworks contest and it makes more sense because it is about Xaya. About a month ago, the legendary blogger and leader of the @Steemchurch - @Sirknight shared a couple of posts about Xaya and the read was quite intriguing and engaging. I hope this piece will give you a great read too. Read more on the contest here


I could only find my eyes glued to the screens of my laptop trying to picture and visualize how fun it would be playing games with cryptos as rewards. To me, it meant being rewarded for having fun and relieving stress within an innovative technological niche which promises to spice other "goodies."

We will all agree to the fact that "all work without play makes Jack a dull boy". At times, interactions within the blockchain can become so boring especially on places like #steemit where dedication, consistency and unique presentation are watchwords. This could lead to stress and other related anomally. However, there is hope, as Xaya promises a relaxation spot, yet with full benefits and rewards that the decentralized blockchain affords.

What is Xaya ?

According to Soccer Manager, Xaya is a future-minded blockchain gaming technology where gamers truly own their in-game assets and game currencies that they can trade for profit; under a cheating-free, fraud-free and server-free condition. While Xaya guarantees a 24/7 uptime, gamers are afforded a play-to-earn gaming experience where they can compete for real value.

Xaya, being an Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform is the result of several years of research and development into Blockchain gaming by the original pioneers. Xaya is a new blockchain gaming platform that allows real asset ownership built on a completely decentralized virtual worlds, with no central servers. With Xaya, games can run on the blockchain without servers.

Xaya Technology

Namecoin and the Huntercoin were used for the experimentation of Xaya and it provides a wealth of tools and infrastructure for game developers to build their own game worlds that fit to their vision and project. Users have the freedom to utilize the Xaya technology to build decentralised games and issue their own game currency that can be traded for ‘CHI’ or other Xaya game coins or assets.

Xaya Milestones and Prospects

Xaya milestones: Xaya whitepaper, p.5

It is on record that Xaya is the world's first decentralized massively multiplayer game and is entirely built on the blockchain with freedom for human minning of permissible cryptocurrency. This is indeed a novelty in blockchain history!

Asides these milestones, Xaya is poised to enable the sweet interaction between developers, gamers and supporters which leads to the creation of a safe ecosystem for value-full gaming experience.

How will Xaya change the world of gaming?

This is the high point of this piece. My review of Xaya Whitepaper as well as other related documents has revealed Xaya's readiness to set the pace in the gaming industry. Ways to achieve this are summarized below.

1. Creation of Virtual University and enhancing Trading possibilities

Xaya atomic transactions: Xaya whitepaper, p.14
Xaya will create new virtual universes and item trading possibilities that are substantially deeper and more flexible than other emerging and simple trading systems using smart contracts. This will address both the existing gaming and cryptocurrency markets and further creates an entirely new market in the process through games created on top of the blockchain. Through the creation of a virtual item trading and sharing platform, the Xaya team aims to allow players to generate real world value or capitalise on previous gaming achievements in new games through the trade of virtual items from one game to the next. This will create an enabling environment for all concerned parties to have a good time on the gaming platform.

2. Bridging Gap between Developers and Gamers

Xaya targets both developers and gamers. The Xaya team aims to empower a large proportion of new developers who find taking their game visions to market challenging because of time and financial constraints. In this sense, Xaya aims to democratise game development.

Solutions for gamers: Xaya whitepaper, p.11
Solutions for developers: Xaya whitepaper, p.11

With these provisions and arrangements, Xaya will be able to satisfy both the gamers as well as the developers. While the gamers gets satisfied by engaging the choice game, the developers will get real value for their creativity and energy.


Xaya whitepaper

Solutions for supporters: Xaya whitepaper, p.12

Uniquely, onlookers are not left out on Xaya 's plan. Interested gaming markets canalso get to engage the gamers and developers independently or may create exchange or possibly additional reward deals. This is where coaches and third party platforms such as Soccer Manager will have a big role to play to add value to the gaming experience and as well derive value.

3. Adding Value to Gaming through Crypto Rewards

Xaya, in addition to being a cryptocurrency, is essentially a blockchain-based gaming and virtual item trading platform. Consequently, the value of the Xaya economy will increase as more developers and gamers adopt and use the platform. As pioneers in the blockchain gaming sector, Xaya will essentially democratise gaming development.

4. Innovation

  • Atomic transactions: It will allow trustless trading of game items, game-specifc currencies and whole game accounts for CHI to enable a thriving economy on top of the Xaya platform and ensure demand for CHI

  • Game channels: this will enable limitless and near-real time gaming on the blockchain.

  • Ephemeral timestamps: this will ensure that the occurring transaction fees can never be a loss for any honest participant

Xaya versus Huntercoin

Xaya’s milestones earlier presented are a product of its collabation with Huntercoin, Xaya. For emphasis, has recorded milestones as:

  • The world’s first decentralised massively multiplayer game
  • The world’s first game world built entirely on the blockchain
  • The world’s first human mining permissible cryptocurrency

Xaya adopted Huntercoin as a proof of concept to develop solutions to the technical challenges and to test the market. Within just a few months of launch, Huntercoin was successful with over 35,000 simultaneously controlled characters in the game despite a low profile launch and despite requiring some specialist hardware. (Source).

Huntercoin was largely autonomous and required no servers or other infrastructure. It achieved a market capitalization with a record of $1 million within just a few weeks and peak record of $6.3 million was obtained in 2017. The Huntercoin experiment served its purpose several years ago, and this ‘hobby project’ provided a number of world leading insights into blockchain technology, including publication in the blockchain journal ‘Ledger’. (Source)

Xaya’s Attributes

  • Xaya is scalable
  • There are no servers
  • Trading is safe
  • Platform is designedfor multiple players
  • Real ownership of assets
  • Easy development
  • Security is sure
  • System is provably fair

xaya-xtics 1.png

Screen shots from Xaya.io


Screen shots from Xaya.io

The Security and Fairness Attributes of Xaya

In these decentralized game universes, players will have real ownership of their online assets and share in the profit potential that the developers have built. This will be done with the ability to change their online assets into real-world value with the use of cryptocurrency via simple and safe trades and shares of their online goods. In addition, the atomic trading strategy which was first used in Namecoin makes fraud impossible and guarantees safe trading of assets.

Decentralized reality: Xaya website
Atomic trading: Xaya website

Xaya's blockchain scaling solutions with VR technology

With Xaya, issues of scalability which is a major difficulty for blockchains and particularly for massive game worlds will be solved. The Xaya team has overcome this with breakthroughs in Trustless Off-chain Scaling for games (Game Channels) and Ephemeral Timestamps.

The Xaya cryptocurrency will be based on a blockchain secured by proof-of-work (PoW). Player accounts and the most important game data (e.g. ownership of valuable items) are persisted with a decentralised name/value store built directly into the blockchain.

Xaya’s Collaboration with Soccer Manager and Xaya’s Future

The future of Xaya is quite amazing following its collaboration with Soccer Manager. In the words of @originalworks:

Partnering with Xaya will allow soccer manager to offer provably fair gameplay and true ownership of in-game assets to the players. In-game assets include currency, players, stadiums and more!
“Together with XAYA we are developing a groundbreaking manager experience” -Source

Soccer Manager is offering a contract opportunity for game lovers to take up coaching career as head coach. Putting this up with Xaya will strengthen the supporters category of Xaya's stakeholders. This is going to be a huge wave of exposure for Xaya and users. With this there is hope for a rapid mainstream adoption of Xaya.


Source- Screen shot from Soccer Manager

Games supported by Xaya

The following are a few of the games that can be found on the Xaya platform:

  • Collectible card games
  • Real-time strategy games (RTS)/ multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA)
  • Turn-based games
  • There are other genres as game types beyond the three popular online categories mentioned.

Use Case

Just imagine, being inside a decentralised autonomous universe which is unstoppable and secure.
Imagine owning your own virtual apartment that you can sell or trade for real world value, or even share the keys (symbolic of encryption keys) with a friend, while you have fun all through in the process. These and many more are what Xaya seeks to offer.


This write up has presented an overview of Xaya as a premier blockchain gaming platform which affords players a right to real ownership of their online assets and share in the profit potential that the developers have built. The security, scalability, fair and severless gaming experience promised by Xaya makes it must-sought after coupled with its collaboration with Soccer Manager. Xaya's team experience from their involvement in Huntercoin and Namecoin is an edge-cutting characteristic that assures the success and sustainability of Xaya's gaming platform. In all, I see Xaya as a convergent of innovation, fun, and crypto rewards; indeed an experience to long for.

Further Information about Xaya

Images used in this write-up are screen shots from the concerned sources, except otherwise stated

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