How much did El Salvador make so far from BiTCoin ?

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Even after it got wrecked by Tim Crook and the billionnaire club and it went out of reach of guttertrash forever ?

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you might need google translate, article in dutch

El Salvador, want die hebben afgelopen vrijdag dus daadwerkelijk weer 100 bitcoin gekocht op de dag dat bitcoin ongeveer 15 procent van zijn waarde verloor.

Een paar dagen later is die aankoop al 6,8 procent meer waard en is de waarde van die enkele positie toegenomen met bijna 350.000 euro. Afgelopen september kocht El Salvador ook al de dip met een aankoop van 150 nieuwe bitcoin. Op dat moment hing de koers op ongeveer 37.000 euro per bitcoin. Die aankoop heeft het land dus meer dan goed gedaan want daarmee staan ze inmiddels een stevige 30 procent in de plus. Niet verkeerd voor een land dat simpelweg besluit bij te kopen op het moment dat de koers dipt.
De 800 bitcoin van El Salvador

Op het moment van schrijven heeft het land 800 bitcoin in de digitale schatkist zitten, die samen meer dan 40 miljoen euro waard zijn. In totaal staat El Salvador ongeveer 1,8 miljoen euro in de plus met de bitcoin aankopen, goed voor een rendement van 4,7 procent. Zelfs na de terugval van 15 procent van afgelopen vrijdag doet het land dus goede zaken met hun bitcoin. Zeker als je bedenkt dat ze normaal gesproken dollars aanhouden, die dus aan waarde ingeleverd hebben ten opzichte van bitcoin.

So ... how well did you fare with King Solomon and Jamie Demon ?


Whe Germany actually WON the war

and still is

article reason why berlin


you can be WITH IT or be left behind ...

"de regering zoekt 3 miljard"

huh ?


or someone who isnt wrecked by the IMF or BOE or SEC or FOMO or any of that abbreviated crud yet

for those who still feel they have time to spend on MY life .. take a look outside

thats YOUR world, you should be scrambling

*i hate the spotlight,*
*keep the billions ...*
*Satoshi Nakamoto* , the Gilgamepic Vedas of Satoshi, proverbs 3,14 : unspoken
I am not your bro, I wouldnt be caught eating there what makes you think i would be doing THAT ?


"I invented running water"

no no no ... if you wanted to fix ME, you'd have to go back to 1987 or something 83 maybe, when FLT was at woodo and hotline was harry and from there let ME do , without van drukkerland posing as "the world"

you dont have a time machine ?

then you cant fix it ... the things we see though ...

satoshis middle finger , its like einstein came back from space for a few months and said "you got a looong way to go"

and then here, in the smack-dab middle of the land of MS13 and 18th street ... : SHIN SEKAI ...

meanwhile old people hold on to the 1960s SO hard they're literally choking the future

and humans keep breeding

this is a dead end my friend, the universe demands balance, and balance there will be

one way or another

id much prefer "another"

but thats WAY beyond my power

im sure amazos and crotter will keep on the divide until the world is dry and vitalsky will keep on being ichiban at the cost of the smallfry

thats just mundanes : fucking the world since homo erectus



huuuh, no, and LAST verse ... they stil havent fixed steemit so it doesnt lock posts in the chain after a cooldown period - it just stores ALL afaik, every single edit - very inefficient but i think they stopped development way before the takeover, face it, if a narcist like vitalsky would have had something like STEEM with zero fees and lightning speed to boot instead of a mastodont-on-gas , imagine what he could have done instead of just rake in the billions

... sadly ...

can i quote ICE-T on that ?

gud ...

i get misunderstood all the time but i cant disclaim that every single post - just like in salems lot some people consider themselves important enough that someone would get up in the middle of the night to "pass by THEIR house" ... (??!?) and a guy with a cat is peddling drugs dropped by drones with a money-sniffing trained feline while wearing holes for shoes and stuck in an old house by parents, sitting on a pile of money pretending to have nothing

IF I WERE SATOSHI, ... i hate the spotlight just as much

but i would take the billions first

THEN disappear ... with THAT talent it shouldnt be hard

but maybe its a statement

or maybe its the government (doubt that, way too smarts for government lol)

mayb its aliens

or maybe hes

dead in a ditch somewhere


he actually said to himself

"keep the billions, i HATE the spotlight" :)


yasumi and

i dont wanna make a habit of daily posting either


people get funny ideas on chopping off bits to normalize

and leave me a bloody mess

hah ... i was doing some light afternoon tea coding actually but you're like my walls here, you like to keep me talking

is that b/c like SO many, including the top CEO's you dont have ideas of your own ?

i know

bootsy collins might understand : in the beginning there was soul : now there's too many puppies and most are left without, like too much bread for one jar of butter

so "why elon musk" you say ? hes rich and all that


he's an officially recorded nutball with borderlining autism who happens to be the richest guy on the planet once every 48 hours - contrary to the other guy who is really trying , he gets shit in space

for less in less time, using less and doing more and what I BELIEVE there is that

he's actually more about the innovation and GETTING mars than he is about the money

like at least 52/48% ...

which is totally unlike any of the others and other than those two at all

most of them do basically NOTHING but buy others

yass ?


thats "why" but im not a groupie or a fanboy or anything ...

"hes not pretty enough" (hahah)

seriously ...

see ? its 8 am, instead of writing "crater"-tex i made this post

30 cents or the satisfaction of a fine, working routine ?

what do YOU think ?

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