CFTC Giancarlo Institutional Money will Mature Crypto Market - Coinbase's Adam White Joins Bakkt - Gary Cohn Blockchain - Gemini adds Litecoin - Cobinhood adds XRP & NEM - Bithumb Sells 38% Ownership

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- CFTC Chair Giancarlo Says Institutional Investors Will Help Crypto 'Mature' - Former Coinbase Adam White Executive Joins Bakkt Amid Crypto Futures Launch, Massive Anticipation - Gary Cohn Has Joined a Blockchain Startup as an Adviser - Litecoin Is Now Available on Gemini! - Securing America's IoV Coalition @SAIVCoalition, release statement following yesterday's U.S. Senate Banking Committee's Hearing on "Exploring the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Ecosystem". SAIV urges to avoid sitting on the sidelines while others embrace innovation. - Cobinhood announced that from October 19th, its users: "will be able to deposit, withdraw, and trade XRP on COBINHOOD Exchange." XRP/BTC & XRP/USDT trading pairs will be available with ZERO TRADING FEES. - Bithumb, Korea's Largest Bitcoin Exchange Sells Stake in $350 Million Deal - Coinfield - Our final end-to-end testing is in progress. The new platform will be live soon in 69 new countries along with some more exciting news.
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